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Beckman Coulter’s Hematology IQAP is a global peer comparison program available to users of Beckman Coulter Hematology systems.
Customers with Hematology instrumentation configured with Beckman Coulter reagents and using Beckman Coulter controls and calibrators are eligible for this free program. The Hematology IQAP program allows users of Coulter 6C Cell Control, Coulter 5C Cell Control, Coulter 4C Plus Cell Control, Coulter 4C ES Cell Control, AcT 5diff Control Plus, Coulter Retic-C Control, Coulter Retic-X Control and Coulter Body Fluid Control to obtain peer group comparison reports for their laboratory’s quality control data. Additionally, the Hematology IQAP program provides data entry forms and reports for Lin-C, Lin-X and Body Fluid Linearity Controls.
The benefits of Beckman Coulter’s Hematology Electronic Interlaboratory Quality Assurance Program (eIQAP) include:
  • Online submission of:
    • Daily control data
    • Monthly summary control data
    • Linearity control data
  • Fast online access to IQAP reports
  • Immediate access to previous IQAP reports
  • Reduction of paperwork
  • Management of corporate reports
  • Comparison with the largest hematology peer groups
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