Advancing Healthcare as a Team

“I love working for Beckman Coulter because I feel like everyone that works here gets up in the morning and thinks about the patient. You don’t see that everywhere you go,” said Scottia Miller, a manager in our marketing organization.

The purpose behind our work—advancing healthcare for every person—is a common theme when you ask associates why they like to work here. Whether they’re in Bangalore, India or Brea, California, they understand that they’re contributing to helping make sure patients receive timely, accurate diagnostic results.

More than the mission

Aside from touching patients’ lives, team members in our North American commercial organization were motivated by the team itself.

“We have each others’ backs. If someone falls down, we’re going to pick them back up,” said Greer Coulter, senior sales representative.

Teamwork and camaraderie are big parts of our way of working. Here you’re going to be doing challenging work—but you’re also going to have a support system behind you, making sure you have what you need.

DBS focuses teams on growth

The Danaher Business System (DBS) enables us to solve complex problems and improve the way we work. Our DBS culture means that we set big goals for ourselves. “Stretch” goals help us grow as associates, and also help us improve our business. Our associates love a good challenge, and also love helping their peers overcome their obstacles. In fact, when we ask our associates what they like about working here, many of them say it’s their team.

“There are many things that [my team and I] are learning together. It’s been great to be on the same page, and that’s been really exciting so far,” said Jonathan Lin, sales representative. Jonathan is on a newer team, and they are helping each other navigate their new roles. Even in difficult situations, associates are keen to collaborate and help each other through.

Take it from Scott Kujak, sales representative: “I would tell anyone who is considering working with Beckman Coulter that they are in for the ride of their life.”

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