Check Out Our Clare, Ireland Site



The Clare, Ireland site is under construction. When you approach the facility (which is a 10-minute reverse commute from the nearest big town), you’ll see a giant crane stretching up from a nearly completed structure. Talk to anyone on the site, and they’ll apologize for the mess—but the construction is just a tiny disturbance on an otherwise gorgeous 300-acre plot of land.

The construction

First of all, why is everything under construction? The Clare site is getting ready for two new expansions opening this year. Associates on site are excited about the products that will be manufactured in Clare after construction is complete.


The environmental aspect

This campus is huge. It comprises three hundred acres of greenery, and the buildings and parking lot take up only a tiny percentage. Look out the window from the cafeteria and you’ll see cows grazing nearby. (A functional farm on site is rented out to a local farmer.)

And, just like the grass it’s surrounded by, the Clare site runs green. First, it has its own wood-chip boiler (the wood chip is sourced from the site or locally, when required) to heat the site, so they don’t need to burn much oil. And second, there’s a highly complex water-filtration system.


With this system in place, the Clare facility sends its used water back into the two lakes on site. Their water output is cleaner than the water the site draws from the ground.

Here’s how the cycle works: First, the water gets drawn up from the ground and used. Then the used water runs through a complex filtration system where any toxins and filth get taken out. The “bad stuff” then goes to the worms (the site has thousands of worms who eat muck and produce clean fertilizer for the land) and the “good stuff” goes down to the reed beds, which filter the water again for any lingering particles that need to go. After the reeds do their job, the water gets pumped into a stream, which then runs into the lakes. And the cycle continues.

The site’s water-filtration system is tested constantly to ensure that nothing harmful gets into the lakes. They test for detrimental organisms at both the input and output points of the lake to ensure a healthy environment. The folks here care about the land they’re using, that much is very clear.

The interior

The Clare facility is bright and busy. Manufacturing associates work with clinical chemistry, immunoassay and hematology products. Everyone is busy, but they always greet one another in passing.

In addition to manufacturing, the site hosts research and development, quality assurance and a number of other functions. In early 2019, the staff will grow to over 400 associates, with more to come upon construction completion. The Clare site is brimming with potential.


Interested in working at our Clare site, or one of our other sites around the globe?