Leaders Support Associate Growth


“I would tell a prospective candidate that I’m a great boss. I’m fun to work with!” said Tiffany Murphy, vice president of our North American sales organization. “But I also set goals that are achievable, yet ‘stretch.’ We want to do the best work we possibly can, and I’m here to support any new member of my team.”

The leaders in our North American commercial organization (NACO) know what they’re looking for in a candidate. They want to hire hard workers who know how to work well with others. They want people who get excited at the idea of a challenge. In exchange, they are eager to provide the support their associates need to grow and develop in their roles.

Helping associates discover growth opportunities

Growth and development are very important to leaders here. After all, associates are our most valued assets. That’s why our leaders work to help associates take on new opportunities. Whether it’s Situational Leadership training, a course on the Danaher Business System, or a brand new project, there are always chances for associates to grow.

With the Danaher network at their fingertips, associates have the opportunity to make career moves outside Beckman Coulter, as well. Associates can explore new ways to grow and develop professionally through opportunities at several fellow operating companies.

Empowering associates to do their best work

A service leadership style is a common theme among NACO leaders. Many of them believe it’s important to provide guidance and tools for associates to do their jobs, and then to trust that associates will get their jobs done.

“My leadership philosophy is to hire passionate people who bring unique and interesting skills,” said Sarah More, vice president of sales for North America. “Empower them to be able to do great work, hold them accountable to run their business, and get out of their way.”

How will you grow in your career?

Our leaders are here to help you realize your potential. To find a role that fits you, search our job listings.