WinCL is Only One Year Old and Already a Success

WinCL In 2017, Tiffany Murphy wondered why there were not more women in commercial leadership positions in the Beckman Coulter North American Commercial Operations (NACO) organization. At that time, among ten sales directors and 25 regional sales managers, only two were women.

“I decided that we need to encourage women to grow in the business,” said Murphy, vice president of sales in NACO and one of the founders of Women in Commercial Leadership (WinCL). “So, my colleague, Monique Carlson and I decided to put together a workshop with a focus on female empowerment called The Art of Wow.”

Women win with WinCL

The Art of Wow was met with much success. Murphy and Carlson realized that they had uncovered a gap in the organization—women working at Beckman Coulter who needed and wanted mentors. These women wanted to share stories, exchange best practices and access the tools they needed to get ahead in their careers.

“We got some like-minded women together and made a committee. Next thing we know, we have 160 members, a website and logo, an election, and a president,” Murphy said. “It just took off.”

Quickly it became clear that many women were interested in taking their careers into their own hands and becoming leaders.

Organized to support women

Today, WinCL is divided into four committees: Communication, Membership, Mentorship and Perdue Best Practices & Success Stories.

The organization is designed to provide a strong and supportive network of women to unlock leadership potential at Beckman Coulter. WinCL organizes speaking engagements, shares stories on their SharePoint site and via newsletter, and even started a book club.

“For now, we’re North America-based and focused on the commercial organization,” said Murphy. “However, associates from other groups who want to work in the commercial organization are welcome to join us.”

More opportunities for development

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