AACC: Managing Infectious Disease Burden by Unlocking the CBC
Managing Infectious Disease Burden by Unlocking the CBC-700x500

Role of Quantitative Measures of Monocytes in Response to Infection

Collaboration between emergency medicine clinicians and laboratory professionals is key for the development of institutional protocols and practices incorporating both early identification and management of high-acuity infections. Drs. Scott Levin from Johns Hopkins Medicine and Lael Yonker from Massachusetts General Hospital explore topics including the role of monocytes in response to infection and the role of AI to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Yonker presents the results from a multi-center study around Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in children (MIS-C), a life-threatening syndrome and post-COVID-19 hyperinflammatory response with strong monocyte activation. Dr. Levin reviews the results from their study around MDW as part of a broad pragmatic sepsis screen in the emergency department.