Grifols Reagent Red Blood Cells

Designed to optimize common blood banking tasks

Our range of Grifols reagent red blood cell products* includes cells for reverse typing, antibody screening and antibody identification. In addition, a comprehensive quality assurance system is available. All of the cell products are available in a 3% suspension, stable for 5 weeks and available on standing order at 4-week intervals, 13 times per year. 

This product may not be available in your country or region at this time. Please contact your Beckman Coulter sales representative or distributor for more information.

Reverse-Cyte® reagent red blood cells

  • Is ideal for reverse typing with all common laboratory techniques
  • Is available in two configurations, either A1 and B cells or A1, A2 and B cells
  • Provides an effective way of detecting irregular anti-A1 when tested with A1 and A2
  • Aids in the identification of cold antibodies when used together with screening cells

Search-Cyte® sensitive antibody screening panel, available in three configurations

  • I & II: An antibody screening panel from two donors, one rr (cde/cde) and one R1R2 (CDe/cDE) or R1wR2 (CwDe/cDE)
  • Plus: An antibody screening panel from two donors, one R1R1 (CDe/CDe) or R1R1w (CDe/CwDe), and one R2R2 (cDE/cDE) with Jka and Fya antigens typically present in homozygous form
  • TCS: An antibody screening panel from three donors, one R1R1 (CDe/CDe) or R1R1w (CDe/CwDe), one R2R2 (cDE/cDE) and one rr (cde/cde), with an optimal antigen configuration ideal for antibody screening.
    • Only with a three-cell panel is it possible to have the clinically relevant antigens present in homozygous form. This is important because some weaker antibodies are only detectable if the corresponding antigen is present in homozygous form (dosage effect)
    • MNS, Kidd and Duffy antigens are typically present in homozygous form
    • In conjunction with the Data-Cyte Plus identification panel, Search-Cyte TCS cells aid in the differentiation of multiple antibodies

Data-Cyte® Plus panel

  • Consists of eleven cells with the ideal antigen configuration for antibody identification
  • Has a 4 mL fill volume and long shelf life to help laboratories maximize panel use and minimize waste
  • Includes individual cells carefully selected to allow for easy identification of both individual antibodies and antibody combinations
  • Features an antigen matrix that allows for the easy identification of common antibody combinations such as anti-E and anti-K
  • Contains a Kpa positive cell on each panel
  • Typically contains a cellano negative cell
  • Enables easy interpretation by highlighting antibodies in the antigen matrix according to their preferred reaction temperatures

Data-Cyte Plus is part of the Antigen Plus Ab-ID system, an antibody identification program available from Rowny Systems, Inc. Visit the Rowny website for additional information about Antigen Plus ›

Blood Bank Quality Assurance II (BBQA II) system

  • Provides a simplified system for BBQA testing
  • Consists of three cell suspensions and three serum testing reagents
  • Monitors the quality and performance of routinely used reagents, instruments and procedures
  • Meets AABB recommendations for blood bank quality assurance testing
  • Includes the following components
    • BBQA II Reference Red Blood Cells (3%)
      • group A2, D negative
      • group B, D negative
      • group O, D positive
    • BBQA II Reactivity Testing Serums
      • Anti-A
      • Anti-B
      • IgG reactive antibody

Coombs control cells

  • Rules out false negative results when performing the Coombs test, which are occasionally caused by insufficient washing, neutralization of the anti-human globulin, poorly washed glassware or non-functional reagent
  • Contains a 3% cell suspension sensitized with human IgG antibodies to always provide a positive reaction when used together with completely active anti-human globulin


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*Manufactured by Medion Grifols Diagnostics AG. See manufacturer website (or contact for technical document support.