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hc1.com® Healthcare Relationship Cloud

Strengthen customer relationships with a healthcare CRM system

Instantly gain insights into laboratory performance, drive more informed decision-making and foster richer collaboration, all while using a cloud-based CRM system. hc1.com* is designed to help you better identify and manage the needs of healthcare customers. This system consolidates up-to-the-minute insights and information for every customer interaction, giving all team members access to real-time, actionable data that builds value for the customer.

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Discover hc1.com capabilities in translating data from any source—including LIS, HIS, billing, etc.—into comprehensive patient and provider profiles, up-to-the moment dashboards and real-time alerts.

Achieve your goals using the hc1.com cloud-based CRM system

  • Visualize vital performance metrics with the click of a button
  • Improve efficiency across your organization
  • Activate a system that delivers immediate value, including:
    • Simple standardized packages with top challenges identified
    • Customized reports tailored to unique laboratory requirements

Get the right information at the right time with effective tools

Deliver comprehensive and timely reports, cost-effectively, with an all-in-one system that is flexible enough to accommodate other compatible components. Form an integrated system that delivers comprehensive, synchronized results and facilitates accurate diagnosis.

Real-time metrics and analytics
For precise identification of process gaps, enabling informed analysis, decision-making, resource prioritization and action

Scalable cloud-based solutions
For improved operations and enhanced data-sharing opportunities via access to data from anywhere, at any time

Flexible and dynamic reporting
For efficiency and ease in generating over 100 standardized reports—with no waiting—and greater confidence that information is captured accurately and completely

Benefit from our support through every step of the activation process

Get the support of our experts, who provide step-by-step assistance during the h1.com activation phase, for seamless implementation and quick access to the benefits of the system. Our experts assist in:

Creating success by developing an agreed-upon project plan
hc1.com Configuration
Defining the use roles & use cases
Providing online & onsite training

Establishing dashboards & reports
Continuing online & onsite training
Offering support as the system goes live

We offer product training courses and guides to give you the skills and knowledge you need to operate your clinical laboratory instruments.

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Explore Specific hc1.com Capabilities Brochures

Sales & Pipeline Management

Facilitate an environment of communication, shared vision and unity of purpose in the sales organization. Get insight into opportunities, challenges and daily progress to enhance collaboration and close deals fast.

Issue Management

Enhance customer satisfaction by ensuring issues are resolved quickly and effectively. Experience accurate reporting, ongoing tracking and fast follow-up of client concerns—all from one centralized system.

Lab Performance Transparency

Efficiently track laboratory performance across departments. Reduce workload and errors and gain real-time perspective that can enhance communication and improve TAT.

See hc1.com's User-friendly Interface Design

Explore Additional hc1.com Capabilities Brochures

Exception Handling

Streamline processes, improve customer service and strengthen clinician relationships. With this tool, exceptions are automatically communicated to your customer, for fast and easy management and less workflow disruption.

Ancillary Financial Insights

Gain a more accurate financial picture of laboratory operations. Capture important financial data that can increase high-value payers and cost per test volume/accounts, as well as improve turnaround times.

Discover Additional Clinical Information Management Tools


Improve efficiencies within and across the laboratory network through the automation and standardization of processes.


Optimize workflows, standardize processes, streamline inventory and enable data-based decision-making

*hc1 for Beckman Coulter is not available for sale outside of the U.S. and Canada. hc1.com and hc1 are registered service marks in the U.S. and other countries.
REMISOL Advance is a trademark or registered trademark of Normand-Info SAS in the United States and other countries. Used under license.
Not all products available in all regions. Contact your local Beckman Coulter representative for availability