Hematology Calibrators, Controls and Reagents

Bring out the best in your operations and analysis

If hematology analyzers are the heart of your laboratory, then calibrators, controls and reagents are its lifeblood. Trust the heart of your laboratory to our consumables, specifically designed for the needs of the busy lab and optimized for the DxH series of analyzers. Features like barcoding make standards compliance easier by simplifying the process of uploading key data, like lot numbers and expiration dates. Even routine procedures like purchasing are easier with one-stop-shopping for all consumables through our online store. 

Wide array of controls for DxH and LH series hematology analyzers 

  • For DxH series analyzers
    • 6C Body Fluid Controls
    • 6C Retic Controls
  • For LH series analyzers
    • 5C Body Fluid Controls
    • 5C Retic Controls

Trust the heart of your laboratory to nothing less

  • Easy to acquire 
  • Simple to use 
  • Backed by Beckman Coulter