Researching the Best Immunoassay Analyzer


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The best immunoassay analyzer is one that meets the needs of the laboratory and offers reliable performance. Finding an immunoassay analyzer that staff members can trust is foundational to supporting patient care through timely results.

Conversely, an instrument that does not perform consistently is costly to a laboratory in terms of time, resources, and patient and physician satisfaction. Instrument downtime disrupts workflow, and staff members may be pulled away from other high-priority tasks to troubleshoot problems for unknown lengths of time.

When researching which immunoassay analyzer is best in ensuring high levels of system uptime and reliability, laboratory decision makers often seek the advice of peers in their professional networks.

Conducting Lab-to-lab Immunoassay Analyzer Research

However, there are a number of ways laboratory leaders may conduct research when looking for a new system for their organization. These include talking with manufacturing representatives and exploring options on their own.

One of the more valuable endeavors is speaking to other laboratory professionals and learning of their experiences and satisfaction with specific products. This information goes a long way in guiding the decision-making process, as the information gained is based on real-world experiences from trusted reviewers who intimately understand the intricacies of laboratory operations. While gathering data from other laboratory professionals is a vital step, the information is often limited only to those resources in a laboratory's immediate circle of influence.

Immunoassay Analyzer Comparison: Expanding Research with Supplier Rankings

Supplier comparisons offer a unique opportunity for laboratories to expand their pool of reviewers to hundreds—and in some cases thousands—of laboratory professionals who can offer insights into various aspects of an instrument's capabilities and performance.

IMV ServiceTrakTM Clinical Laboratory Awards help to inform laboratories as to manufacturer and instrument performance in its an annual ranking of the companies, products and services supporting the clinical laboratory industry. IMV is one of the industry's most recognized research organizations, offering insight from actual product users, who rate the systems based on a variety of factors.

Immunoassay Analyzer Performance Award: Beckman Coulter Ranks High in Reliability, Customer Service and More

In the 2018–2019 IMV competitive ranking, Beckman Coulter was rated high in a number of customer service and system reliability dimensions. Results were based on interviews with over 1,500 laboratory professionals randomly distributed across the U.S.

The survey framework focused on customer satisfaction, taking into account such factors as overall manufacturer, system and service performance. Specific questions probed a respondent's true level of satisfaction based on such criteria as system ease of use, reliability and quality of reagents, service follow-up and preventative maintenance programs.

Beckman Coulter ranked consistently high across the board, taking several top spots in key survey criteria.

IMV Rankings: Beckman Coulter Immunoassay Analyzers

Survey Criteria Ranking Among Major Manufacturers
System Reliability #1
System Performance Meets Expectations #2
Effectively Resolve Escalated Problems #1
Quality of OEM Reagents #1
Availability of Replacement Parts #2
OEM Phone Support #1 in all dimensions, including effectiveness of telephone troubleshooting and speed of identifying and resolving specific problems
OEM Field Service #1 in timeliness of engineer arrival on-site and attitude of engineer


Additionally, for the second year in a row, Beckman Coulter immunoassay analyzers have seen the lowest number of service calls within the last 90 days of the survey and the lowest number of call-backs to fix the same problem within a 48-hour period.

Find out how the reliability and performance of Beckman Coulter immunoassay analyzers can help your laboratory support patient care and operational goals.

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