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Your laboratory insights guide critical patient care decisions—but when delays occur, patients can lose valuable time while waiting for life-saving answers. Watch video to learn how DxS Service and Support can help minimize downtime, drive efficiency and maximize performance.

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Laboratories Face Unprecedented Challenges

In an environment where there is increasing pressure to deliver higher quality of care, laboratory leaders seek to mitigate risks while accelerating turnaround times (TAT). Meanwhile, greater testing demands, fewer resources and unplanned downtime can lead to inconsistent TAT, slowing intervention and creating stress for patients.

Downtime is complex. It can be caused by any number of factors, from planned maintenance to unforeseen circumstances - any condition that interrupts the delivery of test results. Laboratories must account for them all, and that can be challenging.

High Costs of Downtime

When turnaround time is negatively affected, it isn’t just a lab problem. It’s also a problem with significant consequences for patients, clinicians and the hospital.

For example, inconsistent turnaround time hinders patient care. Not only are there increased healthcare expenses related to downtime, there can also be a delay in crucial medical interventions.

When a laboratory instrument goes down unexpectedly, doctors and patients may lose valuable time while waiting for life-saving answers.

Taking Back Control

Every diagnostic and clinical laboratory has its unique challenges. With the right service and support, your laboratory can be equipped to maximize uptime and get on the path to success.

Imagine the value of a service partner that could help you:

  • Minimize the risk of unplanned downtime by showing you proactive ways to identify problems before they occur
  • Increase your confidence in laboratory performance by leveraging data already in your lab, optimizing laboratory performance and workflow and maximizing instrument up time
  • Achieve fast and consistent turnaround time through greater operational efficiency, so you and your staff can focus on adding value to patient outcomes and the care continuum

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Every laboratory has its unique challenges. But the road to success can be easier when you have a trusted partner by your side.

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Risk of unplanned downtime. Adopt a proactive approach to manage downtime and identify problems before they occur.
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Confidence in laboratory performance. Leverage informatics and value-added services to optimize laboratory performance and workflow and maximize instrument up time.
Cultivate fast and consistent TAT. Maintain and drive operational efficiency to allow staff to focus on the most pressing matters–adding value to patient outcomes and the care continuum.