Program Benefits:
  • Online submission of monthly Chemistry and Immunochemistry eQAP data.
  • Minimize paperwork.
  • Beckman Coulter is currently implementing a fast online access of the eQAP report.
Registration and Enrollment in eQAP:
You must be registered on the Beckman Coulter website to gain access to the Interlaboratory Quality Assurance Program

  • Click on the link "click here to REGISTER" at the bottom of the page.
  • Note - if you have previously registered with Beckman Coulter Inc. for other purposes you do not need to register again and may proceed to step 6. However, you must use the same username and password you previously used to register when enrolling in eQAP.

    1 - Follow the instructions in the Registration page. (Fields with asterisk (*) are mandatory)

    2 - After you see the "Thank you for registering with us" message close the page.

    3 - Return to the Login page and enter the same username and password you used when you registered with Beckman Coulter Inc.

    4 - If you are enrolling in eQAP and already have a Subscriber/Lab ID Number and have been assigned a passcode, you may proceed to enroll in eQAP. If you do not have a Subscriber/Lab ID number or a passcode, then you must stop at this point and contact Beckman Coulter at

    5 - Select the button "Enroll Me" on the left panel.

    6 - Enter the Subscriber number and Passcode, click Submit

    Please note: If you are the first user to register for your institution, you will automatically be given “Administrator” access. As an Administrator you will be able to grant access to other users.

For further clarification, please contact Beckman Coulter at