Group Summary Reports

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Program Name Lot Numbers
Ammonia/Alcohol (XXXIX) M803011, M803012, M803013 View
Ammonia/Alcohol (XXXX) M809211, M809212, M809213 View
HbA1c extendSURE 41681, 41682 View
SYNCHRON® XLIX M701051, M701052, M701053 View
SYNCHRON® XLX M806001, M806002, M806003 View
Ultimate D Bilirubin XLII M802001, M802002, M802003, M802004 View
Vigil™ Lipid XXXV M709721, M709722, M709723, M709724 View
Vigil™ Protein XXVII M710251, M710252, M710253 View
Vigil™ Protein XXVIII M805011, M805012, M805013 View
Vigil™ Serology XXXII M801201, M801202, M801203, M801200 View
Vigil™ Serology XXXIII M807101, M807102, M807103, M807100 View
Vigil™ TDM XXVIII M704001, M704002, M704003 View
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