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COVID-19 testing is in high demand and the limited PCR test availability may not be able to cover the increasing demand as a singular COVID-19 diagnostic solution.

Beckman Coulter’s SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test Makes Large-scale, Serial Testing Programs Feasible


Introducing the $4 Test to Help Support Your Community in the
Fight Against COVID-19
  • $4 actual cost per test makes serial testing more affordable
  • Automation and speed enable scalability
  • Mass quantities to support mass testing

Run 200 COVID-19 tests in 60 minutes. With each test costing just $4.

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Are You Ready for the Next Wave of Covid-19 Infections in Your…

Next Wave Of Covid-19

The next wave of COVID-19 is here. Our best defense until vaccines are widely available is masking, distancing, and serial testing, coupled with contact tracing and isolation of infected individuals.

With RT-PCR tests unable to meet demand, antigen tests can be used in high-risk settings, such as nursing homes, hospitals, universities and others group settings where repeat testing, coupled with relevant clinical information, could identify those with a SARS-CoV-2 infection to minimize transmission.

"Affordable antigen testing is battle tested and has the ability to turn a laboratory into a well-rounded partner for our providers and patients."
Nicholas Decker
MLS (ASCP) laboratory director
Memorial Healthcare

The Problem With Point-Of-Care Antigen Tests

  • While POC antigen tests can be an aid in diagnosing COVID-19 in an individual care setting, they are more difficult and resource-intensive to scale to address high-volume testing.iii

  • The same test used to deliver a result within 15 minutes to a single individual cannot perform as efficiently when it’s asked to provide results for 100 or 1,000 individuals; the workflow breaks down due to too many manual steps in the process.
  • Furthermore, hospitals are required to report results to the regulatory bodies, and POC tests require them to manually record patient data into their EMR or by some other manual process.

  • Not all POC tests have been validated for use in both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients.
  • POC antigen tests can on average cost $20-30, and this cost can add up when testing frequently and scaling to hundreds of millions of testsiv.

The Solution With Beckman Coulter’s Antigen Test

  • We know there aren’t enough COVID-19 diagnostic tests available for serial testing, and this is why Beckman Coulter is set to deliver 25 million tests a month to support the demand to ensure you can help your community with serial testing.

  • Beckman Coulter is one of the first manufacturers on the market with an automated antigen test that addresses the challenges associated with scaling high-volume antigen testing to make serial testing possible 
  • Our analyzers will be able to deliver 50, 100, or 200 tests per hour—throughput required for high-volume testing
  •  Workflow is shifted to the lab where the resources to handle high test volumes already exist and the reporting of COVID-19 test results is automated

  • Beckman Coulter's Antigen assay gives caregivers the confidence that the assay was reviewed against both symptomatic and asymptomatic patient populations to ensure high-quality performance
  • The Beckman Coulter antigen test is priced at $4 per test
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ivOnly one of the six POC antigen tests authorized by the US FDA is in the $5 price range necessary to make widespread, repeated testing economically viable

This test has not been reviewed by the FDA. Testing is limited to laboratories certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA), 42 U.S.C. §263a, that meet the requirements to perform high complexity tests.