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Blood Banking

The PK7300 system - First in automated blood donor testing

Experience the reliability and efficiency of the industry-leading PK7300 automated microplate system—from your global partner in high-volume donor center testing solutions. For almost 30 years, PK systems have been synonymous with reliability. Today’s high-quality PK7300 system and reagents* are no exception, offering the accuracy and workload capability customers have come to know and respect from PK system technology.

  • Discover a 30-year history of reliability with an exclusive terraced microplate design for hemagglutination, and a testing menu that includes:
    • ABO/Rh testing
    • Rh and Kell phenotyping
    • Syphilis (TP)
    • Cytomegalovirus (CMV) screening
  • Boost testing efficiency with the highest throughput available of any high-volume donor center system
  • Optimize testing by applying reagents created specifically for the PK7300 system and its terraced microplate technology
    (available in North American and Australia only)
  • Gain access to Medion-Grifols serological red blood cell reagents, distributed by Beckman Coulter, for conventional techniques and internal quality control needs
  • Benefit from the convenience and customer-focused care of knowledgeable service and support representatives


PK7300 Automated microplate system and reagents


PK 7300
Support high-volume use with unequalled throughput via fully automated batch testing, proven agglutination technology and exclusive terraced plates.

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Medion-Grifols diagnostics reagents


Medion Reagent Red Blood Cells
Conduct reverse typing, antibody screening and antibody identification with a wide range of reagent red blood cells 3%, from Medion-Grifols Diagnostics and distributed by Beckman Coulter:

  • Ready to use, 35 days stable (storage at 2-8 ºC)
  • Available on standing order at four weekly intervals (13 times per year)


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Looking to further improve performance of your PK7300 system? Check out the maintenance videos.


*Available in North American and Australian markets only.