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Reference/Private Laboratory

In ultra high-volume commercial and core hospital laboratories, handling immense workloads under continuous STAT conditions is a daily routine. Beckman Coulter provides solutions that maximize efficiency, productivity and reliability.


In high to ultra high-volume commercial and core hospital laboratories, handling immense workloads under continuous STAT conditions is a daily routine. Beckman Coulter has a variety of solutions to meet your needs.

An approach tailored to your lab. With the broadest portfolio of clinical chemistry analyzers, we offer high to ultra high-volume labs the ultimate in choice and flexibility.


au480 chemistry main thumb

AU Clinical Chemistry System

AU Clinical Chemistry Systems offer robust, highly reliable performance and ultra-high throughput.

au480 chemistry main thumb

UniCel DxC Clinical Systems

UniCel DxC Clinical Systems blend peak performance, simplicity in operation and outstanding capacity.

Clinical Information Systems

Improved quality, turnaround time and productivity.

Take full control of your laboratory. With our innovative clinical information systems you can take full control of your laboratory. Manage patient test information and monitor multiple lab instruments from a single workstation.



REMISOL Advance Data Manager

Innovative data management system that consolidates and manages patient test information.


Command Central Workstation

Access and monitor multiple lab instruments from a single workstation.


Fast, high quality results around the clock. When it comes to immunoassay testing, high-volume laboratories have special challenges. The UniCel DxI family of immunoassay systems offer exceptional productivity and ease-of-use, plus a broad menu to support a wide range of testing.

Working with other satellite labs? No problem — the UniCel DxI family delivers consistent patient results, no matter where the tests are performed.



Integrated chemistry/immunoassay testing with Beckman Coulter's i class

Experience the ultimate hybrid of performance and innovation, combined with unique ClozCap technology and a comprehensive menu.


UniCel DxI 800 Access Immunoassay System

Take advantage of exceptional throughput and proven chemiluminescent technology to simplify and automate your immunoassay testing.


UniCel DxI 600 Access Immunoassay System

Decrease process steps and improve turnaround time as you run both routine and specialized tests with amazing simplicity.


Access 2 Immunoassay System

Achieve new levels of laboratory efficiency with productivity-enhancing features, an intuitive operator interface and enhanced sample handling.


Automated Assays

Rely on a broad menu of assays across a wide variety of disease states, providing exceptional clinical performance.


Manual Immunoassays

Achieve accurate results easily with our extensive EIA and RIA manual immunoassay diagnostic and research test kits.

* Not all assays available in all countries.

Clinical Laboratory Automation

Improve quality, workflow and operational efficiency at every step.

A direct path to high throughput and increased capacity. When it comes to maximizing your laboratory's potential, choosing the right solutions — and the right partner is key. The recent introduction of two new AutoMate Sample Processing Systems completes our winning automation lineup and offers ultra-high throughputs up to 1,200 tubes per hour.



Power Processor

Track Automation with instrument connections revolutionizes your lab's entire operation.


AutoMate 800 and 600 Sample Processing Systems

Streamline pre- and post-analytical processes with integrated centrifugation and position your lab for optimal performance and labor usage.


AutoMate 1200 and 2500 Sample Processing Systems

High volume automation of pre- and post analytical sample handling processes.


LH 1500

Hematology testing on an Automation line


Welcome to the next level of hematology testing. Beckman Coulter delivers the ultimate in high-definition cellular analysis. Explore our range of solutions, from high-performance systems to comprehensive automation.



LH 1500 Series

Combine the exceptional performance of the LH 700 Series with our proven automation solutions — consolidating all the steps of today's hematology testing process into one comprehensive workstation.


UniCel DxH 800 Coulter Cellular Analysis System

Transform your laboratory with unparalleled quality of results, innovative efficiency solutions and revolutionary scalability.


COULTER LH 780 with SlideMaker/SlideStainer

Rely on advanced technologies that deliver uncompromising performance and a full complement of automated capabilities.


COULTER LH 750 Series Hematology Workcell

Use NRBC enumeration and random access capabilities to eliminate manual pre-sorting and speed results to clinicians.

Rapid Diagnostic Tests

Convenience and performance unite. Receive fast, accurate results when you need them, from industry-leading tests you can trust.


Occult Blood Tests

Hemoccult (Guaiac FOBT)

Cited in over 300 clinical publications, Hemoccult brand is the proven gold standard and trusted choice for saving lives through early detection of CRC.

hemoocult physicians labs thumb
Hemoccult ICT (Immunochemical FOBT)

Is specific to bleeding in the lower gastrointestinal tract and is not affected by dietary interferences.


The only test designed specifically for detecting gastric occult blood and determining gastric pH.

Rapid Test Kits

ICON SC Strep A / ICON DS Strep A

A simple, fast test with accurate results delivered in as little as five minutes.

rapid test physicians labs thumb

A one-step antibody test, approved for testing on all ages.

hCG - ICON 20 / ICON 25

In as little as five minutes, you will have accurate results so you can begin your patient's treatment immediately.

H. Pylori - ICON HP

Qualitatively detects anti-Helicobacter pylori IgG antibody in human whole blood, serum or plasma specimens.