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Industrial - More ways to ensure quality

Precision results for numerous applications
Precision measurement for research, development, and high-speed manufacturing is required across multiple industries to ensure quality, consistency and cost management. At Beckman Coulter, we provide fully integrated, easy-to-use automation systems with numerous quality applications—from particle size, distribution and volume counting to cellular analysis. All systems are configurable to meet varied organizational needs and provide efficient process automation for diverse businesses.

Industrial L3 Preview Default DelsaMax PRO
DelsaNano Series
A new generation of zeta potential and submicron particle size instrumentation, with one of the widest sizing ranges and highest sensitivities available.
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Industrial L3 Preview Default LS 13 320
LS 13 320 Series
One of the most versatile and sophisticated laser diffraction particle size analyzers available, offering high resolution, reproducibility and accuracy.
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Industrial L3 Preview Default Multisizer 4
The most versatile and accurate particle sizing and counting analyzer on the market, providing size distributions in number, volume and surface area in one measurement.
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Capillary Electrophoresis

Beckman Coulter is committed to developing CE technologies and solutions that make your quality control process more efficient. From the highly sensitive multiplex gene expression capabilities of the GeXP Genetic Analysis System to the high-resolution applications of the PA 800 plus Pharmaceutical Analysis System, Beckman Coulter enables performance at the highest level. The GeXP provides rapid detection and identification of microorganisms that affect product quality within the food and beverage industry. The P/ACE™ MDQ and PA 800 plus enable users to separate, identify, quantitate and characterize many analytes and their impurities, including ions, nucleic acids, enantiomers, monoclonal antibodies and other therapeutic proteins, carbohydrates, and purified terephtalic acid. Our development initiatives encompass hardware, software and chemistry, with a long list of advancements including our PA 800 plus and GeXP.


Beckman Coulter has been at the forefront of centrifuge innovation since we introduced the first commercial ultracentrifuge in 1947. Although the physics of this basic separation technique never change, Beckman Coulter continually designs new and adaptable instruments, rotors and accessories, and develops advanced methods that allow the forces of centrifugation to be applied in new ways.

Beckman Coulter General Purpose, High Performance and Ultracentrifuges provide systematic excellence through their superior quality, reproducibility, and reliable performance. Beckman Coulter is a name laboratories around the world have grown to trust.

The Compact General Purpose Centrifuge



The COULTER COUNTER Analyzers are the most accurate particle sizing and counting analyzers. Using the Coulter Principle, a leading technology in high resolution and accuracy, the COULTER COUNTER Analyzers provide size distribution in number, volume and surface area in one measurement, with an overall sizing range of 0.4 µm to 1600 µm. Its response is unaffected by particle color, shape, composition or refractive index. Enhancing the Coulter Principle, the Digital Pulse Processor (DPP) provides ultra-high resolution, multiple channel analysis and accuracy that is unattainable by other technologies. This makes the COULTER COUNTER analyzers a powerful tool for research and development and quality control involving particle sizing and/or counting.

Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzers

The Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzers measure particle size using the classic Mie theory of light scattering and Beckman Coulter exclusive PIDS technology, offering high resolution, reproducibility and unsurpassed accuracy. These analyzers provide size distribution in volume, number and surface area in one measurement, with an overall sizing range from 17 nm to 2000 µm. This series is compatible with modules for handling aqueous, non-aqueous and dry samples.


Beckman Coulter UV/Visible Spectrophotometers provide ease-of-use and proven technology for a wide range of applications.

The DU® 700 Series Scanning Spectrophotometers, with easily interchangeable sampling modules, are ideal for routine applications, common protein assay analysis, and nucleic acid analysis with DNA/RNA/oligo quantitation.

Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer

The SA 3100 is a benchtop BET surface area and pore size distribution analyzer, which uses the static dosing method. This reference method uses helium to measure the sample tube free-space for highly accurate data. The unit has three vacuum out-gassing stations and one analysis port. It provides single and multipoint surface area analysis, multigas capability for surface area and full adsorption capability. User control is by an innovative touch screen. An optional SA-PREP™ Surface Area Outgas Station is designed for customers who need extra capacity.

Zeta Potential & Submicron Particle Size Analyzers

The Zeta Potential and Submicron Particle Size Analyzers measure particle size in the range from 0.6 nm to 7 µm and zeta potential of particles in the size range from 0.6 nm to 30 μm using photon correlation spectroscopy and electrophoretic light scattering respectively. The instruments use a variety of standard and optional cells, with an optional bubble elimination system, for aqueous and non-aqueous samples in the particle concentration range from 1 ppm to 40% (w/v).