The DxA Family is 100 members strong – and GROWING!

Laboratory automation addresses lab shortages and increases accuracy. Beckman Coulter is dedicated to Automation for All, and recently, we celebrated the 100th installation of our DxA Family of Clinical Laboratory Automation Systems.
The DxA Family is 100 members strong – and GROWING!

Beckman Coulter celebrates labs that have chosen to increase efficiencies and reduce costs through lab automation

Behind every diagnosis is a patient and physician in need of answers. More than ever before, clinical laboratories are under tremendous pressure to deliver the diagnostic answer faster and with uncompromised quality even with a larger workload and less staff. The sheer magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic created a need for lab managers to embrace automation as a solution for improving turnaround times and reducing manual steps – using technology to reduce bottlenecks, process samples, and identify errors faster than humans.1 These improvements meant that laboratorians could refocus their precious time on higher-value activities.

Recognizing the need for labs of all sizes to gain efficiencies and cost savings, Beckman Coulter continued to innovate their automation line, bringing two state-of-the-art solutions: the DxA 5000 for labs processing more than 3 million tests per year and the DxA 5000 Fit for labs processing 1-3 million tests per year.

With a presence in over 20 countries, we proudly celebrated our 100th installation. The 100th installation took place in Savona, Italy, a laboratory that was looking for a new paradigm of flexibility to manage its clinical diagnostic workload.

“Our choice has been to implement an intelligent automation system able to manage all core lab tubes, improving their workflow, starting from the most critical and impactful phase, which is the pre-analytical stage. Reducing manual steps and offering an improved pre-analytical process and sample non-conformities check, the DxA 5000 will ensure better activity standardization and results delivery. Moreover, thanks to its capability to manage every tube according to priority criteria based on patients’ and lab workflow needs, not on pre-designed rules, this lab automation system provides a new paradigm of flexibility to manage clinical diagnostics.”
Dr.ssa Flavia Lillo
Clinical Pathology Lab Director

100th DxA installation-Body

History of DxA

The DxA 5000 was launched in 2018 with the first installation in Israel. Bringing the DxA platform to market required 35+ patents and patent applications, 100+ tube type validations, and >2.5 billion testing cycles. Khayyam Irshad Ateeq from the Alliance Global Group was quoted in SelectScience describing the instrument as “Amazing and dependable.”2 Beckman Coulter’s DxA 5000 Total Laboratory Automation System won the Scientists’ Choice Award® for Best New Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation of 2019 and the Reviewer’s Choice Award for Clinical Customer Service of the Year.3

While large volume laboratories have long had intelligent automation systems, small- to mid-sized labs have not. That is why we developed the DxA 5000 Fit, an automation solution capable of fitting in virtually any laboratory with 60% fewer moving parts, to bring the same benefits of a large lab to small- and medium-sized labs. There was tremendous enthusiasm following our launch in May 2021. Our LinkedIn Live demo4 event was a first for Beckman Coulter to expand our reach beyond our traditional marketing channels, reaching prospective and current customers unable to admire the DxA 5000 Fit in person.

We are raising the bar in automation

DxA Family is the gold standard for laboratory automation. The Clinical Laboratory Automation Technology Buying guide defines total laboratory automation as “reducing the manual steps by 80%.”5 With our 9-sample parameter check within 3 seconds, we empower labs to resolve issues within minutes of the tube entering the laboratory, enabling the laboratory to have consistent and predictable turnaround times proven in a published 2021 EuroMedLab study: DxA 5000 – A New Standard in Laboratory Turnaround Time and Sample Quality Control.6

Customers Love us

The DxA 5000 and DxA 5000 Fit continue to innovate and evolve as new connections are added, giving us access to new customers. Customers share their enthusiasm about this game-changing technology at forums around the world. Jodie Warner, Director of Laboratory Services at Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center, presented her success as a rural hospital at the Executive War College, featured in The Dark Intelligence Group.7

“As the number of available laboratory scientists continues to decrease, Sarah Bush Lincoln’s laboratory is able to accommodate growth without the need for additional staff by implementing the Beckman Coulter DxA 5000. With this solution, we have been able to sustain reduced turnaround times, ensure sample quality, and reduce our manual process steps by 75%.”
Jodie Warner MBA, MT (ASCP), DLM
Director of Laboratory Services, SBL

How can Beckman Coulter help?

Beckman Coulter is proud to bring these innovative solutions to market. Behind every diagnosis is a patient and physician in need of answers. This is why Beckman Coulter is committed to replacing the burden of wait and worry with the ability to know and act through total laboratory automation solutions. Our mission at Beckman Coulter is to Relentlessly reimagine healthcare, one diagnosis at a time.

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Efie Tsikou
Efie Tsikou
Efie Tsikou, Meng, MSc, MBA has over 15 years of experience in Healthcare (Medical Devices, Biotech and Medical Imaging industry) having worked across 2 continents in Regional and Global Roles in Commercial, Marketing and Product Management.

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