Delivering Solutions Designed to Relieve Health System Pressure

Expedite patient care and enhance laboratory efficiency with our automated clinical laboratory systems. Deliver rapid, consistent results to facilitate diagnosis and treatment—potentially improving patient care, emergency room times and patient/clinician satisfaction. Experience automated lab solutions that deliver excellence for today and expandability for tomorrow, by allowing you to:

  • Scale laboratory systems for optimized throughput without increased burden
  • Synchronize testing workflow to deliver comprehensive, cost-effective and timely reports
  • Streamline patient management through advanced clinical information services to facilitate accuracy, data flow and laboratory performance

Pre- and Post-analytical Automation Solutions


DxA 5000 Fit Workflow Automation System

Mid Volume

Deliver rapid and consistent turnaround times, reduce manual steps and benefit from intelligent routing with a compact footprint for small- and mid-sized laboratories.

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  • 325 samples/hour with centrifuge connected
  • 375 samples/hour without centrifuge connected
  • Sample quality detection
  • Single point of entry
  • Universal centrifuge profile
  • Direct-track sampling
  • Rack builder unit
  • Prestorage volume detection
  • Sorting samples for offline archiving and analysis
Close up front view of the input module oo the DxA 5000 Lab Automation System

DxA 5000 Total Lab Automation

High Volume

Experience unparalleled rapid and consistent turnaround time and a new level of comprehensive pre-analytical sample quality for large-sized laboratories.

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  • 1,200 samples/hour
  • Sample quality detection
  • Single point of entry
  • Universal centrifuge profile
  • Direct-track sampling
  • Rack builder unit
  • Prestorage volume detection and retrieval
  • Online storage and retrieval
AutoMate 2500 family sample processing systems

AutoMate 2500 Family 

Mid / High Volume

Advance laboratory efficiency with this family of automated sample processing systems. Streamline pre- and post-analytical processes.

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  • Sorting Rate: Up to 1,200 samples/hour
  • Aliquoter: 900 primaries with 10% aliquoted to a daughter tube
  • Specimen traceability for ISO-15189 compliance
  • Archival software linked to storage location
  • No manual processing and fast sample retrieval
  • Touch-screen responsiveness for optimal ergonomics
Power Link Workcell Automation System

Power Link

Small / Medium Volume

Support reliability and rapid TAT with technology that integrates chemistry and immunoassay testing in your laboratory.

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  • AU680/DxC 700 AU Chemistry Analyzers
  • DxI 600/800 Immunoassay Analyzers
  • Single-point entry and integrated decapper
  • Single-specimen flow with fast aliquoting
  • Rules-based automatic rerun, reflex and add-on testing using REMISOL Advance
Power Express laboratory automation system

Power Express

High Volume

Maximize uptime and minimize errors with this TLA system for laboratories with high to ultra- high test volumes.

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  • Up to 1,450 samples/hour
  • AU680/AU5800/DxC 700 AU Chemistry Analyzers
  • DxI 600/800 Immunoassay Analyzers
  • DxH Workcell Hematology Analyzers
  • Select third-party systems
  • Connections for up to 16 analyzers
  • Bulk inlet for automatic sorting
  • Dynamic inlet for STAT sample prioritization
  • Stockyard, cold or ambient
  • Hands-free sample auto-retrieval

Clinical Informatics

Boost productivity by using our clinical information management tools with your automation systems

  • Centralized management of laboratory instrumentation and data workflows to deliver high-quality test results with shorter TAT
  • Integration of multiple data sources on a centralized screen with customized dashboards, reporting and automated notifications
  • Ease-of-use of real-time operational analysis to ensure optimized support clinical and business decision making
  • Cloud-based and on-premise options that allow scalability in infrastructure to maximize investment and reduce costs across the care delivery network
DxONE Information Management Solutions
DxONE Inventory Manager and DxONE Command Central empower laboratories to do what they do best—make a difference. Optimize workflows, standardize processes, streamline inventory and enable decision making through analytics.
Laboratory manager reviewing three computer monitors using REMISOL Advance, a single powerful middleware package.
Provide improved sample tracking, results archiving and the consolidation of patient test information from multiple instruments
in the laboratory or from multiple laboratories in the hospital network—all from a single powerful middleware package.
Operator with headset helping to resolve issues with advanced remote service tools with PROService
Maximize instrument uptime and resolve issues with advanced remote service tools, enabling shortened service time.

Not available in all regions. Please contact your local Beckman Coulter representative for more information.

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