The Beckman Coulter 3D Virtual Showcase: Here’s What You Need To Know

An interactive, virtual way to learn about workflows designed for every laboratory, everywhere.
The Beckman Coulter 3D Virtual Showcase: Here’s What You Need To Know

The Beckman Coulter immersive, 3D virtual product showcase allows users to learn about our instruments and workflow solutions for laboratories of any size. Travel into our 3D virtual product showcase at any time, from anywhere.

With the 3D Virtual Showcase, everything is done remotely, which is more important than ever in our new reality. Moreover, individuals from around the globe can now visit and explore our products and solutions without leaving their home – no travel required!
Julia Dunham
Sr. Director of Global Marketing Programs and Sales Education
Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

Dive into Beckman Coulter History

A snapshot of the Beckman Coulter History section shows a timeline of important Beckman Coulter milestones. Beckman Coulter has a rich heritage of innovation. Learn more about the following milestones that have propelled us to create the laboratory instruments of tomorrow, today:
  • Beckman ph Meter – 1930s/1940s
  • Beckman IRS Spectrophotometer – 1950s
  • Model F Coulter Counter – 1960s
  • Beckman Astra 4 and Astra 8 Automated Stat Routine Analyzer – 1970s
  • Beckman SYNCHRON CX3 Clinical Analyzer – 1980s
  • Coulter Counter Model S-Plus Jr. Cell Counter – 1980s
  • Beckman Coulter Heritage Exhibit – 1990s.


Explore Laboratory Systems

A snapshot of the lobby shows a map where users can select what room they would like to enter. Explore laboratory systems, including:
  • Workflow Command with Power Express for high-volume laboratory solutions
  • Microbiology for low, mid and high-volume solutions for the microbiology laboratory
  • WorkflowConnect for low-volume laboratory solutions
  • Clinical Informatics
  • WorkflowCommand with DxA 5000 for high-volume laboratory solutions
  • WorkflowAdvance for mid-volume laboratory solutions


How to Access the 3D Virtual Showcase

Accessing the Beckman Coulter Virtual Showcase is simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Virtual Showcase webpage and click "Explore now"
  2. Fill out the short, required form
  3. Explore our laboratory solutions
  4. Connect with your local sales representative for additional information about Beckman Coulter’s Workflow solutions

Ready to explore?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
The Beckman Coulter editorial team brings you timely news and resources focused on elevating clinical laboratory performance and advancing patient care.

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