Take the Subjectivity Out of Urinalysis

Our selection of urine chemistry and microscopy instrumentation helps you significantly reduce your urinalysis laboratory's need for manual microscopic review and sample handling, thereby diminishing subjectivity and increasing test efficiency. 

  • Use the proprietary process of Digital Flow Morphology to auto-classify 12 particle types with 27 sub-categories
  • Use Auto-particle Recognition (APR) software to reduce subjectivity
  • Attach digital images for training and further healthcare assessment
  • Process preservative tube samples on the iQ200 for greater flexibility
  • Analyze body fluid samples quickly and easily

Urinalysis Analyzers for All Labs

iQ Workcell Series

iQ Workcell Series

Urine Chemistry and Microscopy

The iQ Workcell series of automated walk-away workcells delivers increased efficiency and productivity for low- to high-volume labs.

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  • Up to 225 samples per hour
iQ200 Series

iQ200 Series

Urine Microscopy

The iQ200 series is designed for low- to high-volume workloads, automating sample microscopy and producing shortened TAT.

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  • From 40 to 101 microscopic samples per hour
AUTION MAX<sup><span>&trade;</span></sup> AX-4030


Urine Chemistry

The AUTION MAX AX-4030 is an easy-to-use, fully automated urinalysis analyzer designed for mid- to high-volume labs.

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  • Up to 225 samples per hour
AUTION ELEVEN<sup><span>&trade;</span></sup> AE-4022


Urine Chemistry

The AUTION ELEVEN AE-4022 is a standalone, easy-to-use semi-automated urinalysis analyzer ideal for mid- to high-volume labs.

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  • Up to 514 samples per hour

Poster Urine Sediment Particles Can’t Hide from Iris

Review details about how iRICELL Digital Flow Morphology automated urine microscopy imaging directly correlates to the gold standard manual method. 


Clinical Information Tools for Urinalysis

DxONE Command Central

Monitor all samples and tests being processed by up to 18 Beckman Coulter instrument systems, including urinalysis instrumentation, from a single workstation in your laboratory with DxONE Command Central. A single technician can manage interventions and workflow—freeing up the rest of your team to perform essential manual reviews or other critical activities. Command Central saves time and money while increasing overall laboratory productivity.


Track the movement of samples from order to archive with the powerful REMISOL Advance* middleware system. REMISOL Advance consolidates patient test information from multiple instruments within a single laboratory—or across multiple hospital network laboratories—and offers improved sample tracking, results archiving and quality control.

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