The Future of Triage is Here

Optimized Triage with Artificial Intelligence

Unlock the power of data-driven decision making in your Emergency Department, and join the ranks of leading healthcare facilities who are transforming patient triage and empowering their nurses to deliver exceptional care.

Risk vs Resources
• Resource utilization is not a sufficient proxy to severity of illness
• Outcomes-based triage assignment outperforms resource-based triage assignment
• Decrease time to care for all patient groups, while improving operations in your ED

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Saving Valuable Time

How is TriageGO helping emergency departments today? The results speak for themselves.
35 Minutes

Saved from door to admit decision1

61-82 Minutes
Decrease time-to-emergent-care for high-risk patients2
More Reliable Detection
Of high-acuity patients at risk of a critical care outcome 1

How Does TriageGO Work?

For Nurses

TriageGO is a powerful and intuitive platform that leverages artificial intelligence to provide acuity-level recommendations based on real patient data.

TriageGO empowers the nurse to assign patients to the correct areas for care quickly and accurately, streamlining the triage process and improving patient outcomes.

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For Patients

TriageGO improves patient flow from waiting room to provider by improving the triage process. In today’s chaotic, overcrowded emergency departments, accurate and efficient triage is vital for delivering optimal patient care.

Emergency Departments that use TriageGO can observe decreased wait-times, and decreased time-to-care for their patients3

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This product is only available in the United States at this time. Please contact your Beckman Coulter sales representative or distributor for more information.

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