Find more answers in a single blood draw

In today’s world of increasingly complex blood diseases and a rapidly aging population, your lab requires robust tools to extract more information from a single blood draw. Advancing the future of the Complete Blood Count (CBC), we’re connecting clinical research to diagnostic challenges, redefining what’s possible from routine testing, and delivering more insightful data for a higher standard of care.



Change is the only constant that we see in healthcare. You have to have people that are willing to change to create something extraordinary.”


Donna Serpico-Thompson
Vice President, Business Development
Sharp HealthCare

Intelligent Efficiency

Innovative solutions for optimum performance

Solutions that combine the power of best-in-class hematology technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation to equip labs with the capabilities to detect, diagnose, and shape the future of healthcare.

  • 1 million+ diagnostic tests per hour — worldwide
  • Enable the right care at the right time
  • Workflow expertise that reduces errors, time & risks

Hematology Solutions

To be a leading healthcare provider, you need leading hematology solutions.

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Their capability to bring tools to us that we hadn’t experienced before and help us be better... We feel a strong duty to continuous improvement. We see that with Beckman Coulter. We see that with their DBS tools.”


John Waugh
System Vice President Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Henry Ford Health System

Clinical confidence

Insightful solutions to triage, detect, and intervene

With innovations in clinical decision support and breakthrough advanced parameters at the forefront of science, we’re committed to delivering solutions that expedite patient prioritization and time-to-treatment.

  • Earlier detection & triage for asymptomatic patients
  • Clinical studies spanning 29,000+ patients

CBC Hematology

Leveraging AI-powered solutions and novel diagnostics to triage, detect, and intervene.


By including MDW in our thought process, we can potentially uncover an underlying sepsis that could have been otherwise missed—especially when other causes can explain a patient’s symptoms.”


Nima Sarani
Doctor of Medicine
University of Kansas Medical Center

Adaptive Collaboration

Tailoring solutions to drive continuous improvements

Committed to partnering with you in sharing novel approaches and practices to meet tomorrow’s lab demands. Agile and customer-focused, our services and solutions are designed to keep your lab operating at its highest potential.

  • 1,000+ global support professionals at your service
  • Combining our expertise and your lab knowledge
  • Exploring new ways to optimize lab processes

Adaptive Collaboration


Here to serve

With the right service and support, your lab can be primed to maximize uptime and output. Our Diagnostics Services (DxS) team provides expert support, optimized instrument performance, and robust training options to meet your lab's unique goals.

Ready to partner

The proprietary Performance Partnership program is designed to transform clinical labs into high-performing organizations through the thoughtful combination of benchmarkable tools, change management coaching, and expert consultation services.

Adaptive Collaboration

For more than 80 years, we’ve challenged convention to elevate the role of clinical labs in
improving patient health.