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Discover how your peers are moving healthcare forward. Learn successful strategies for improving operational efficiencies and supporting better patient outcomes from clinical diagnostics laboratories around the world.

Browse Case Studies by Laboratory Type High-volume Hospital Laboratory (>4 million tests annually)

Video ELEVATE. This is what partners do.

For Henry Ford Health System, providing the best care to 4.3 million patients meant elevating clinical laboratory operations. Technology was only part of the solution; process optimization and a commitment to continuous improvement enabled their full transformation.


Case Study Driving Operational Efficiency in the Laboratory

Read about one health system’s ability to manage a sample volume increase of 100%, without adding FTEs. Learn how automation and autoverification also helped reduce errors and costs, while improving TATs.


Video Community Regional Medical Center: Productivity

Learn how we helped this high-volume laboratory boost its productivity.

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Case Study Reduce Turnaround Time and Increase Operator Efficiency with a Connected Pre-analytical Automation System

Discover how Gaziantep University Faculty of Medicine Hospital achieves its goals of producing standardized, high-quality results on the same day by utilizing automated systems.


Case Study Improved Turnaround Time with Lean Processes and Efficient Automation

Automated solutions help laboratories meet growing testing demand with efficiency. Read how one laboratory used automation to support Lean practices and improve its end-to-end processes.


Mid-volume Hospital Laboratory (1-4 million tests annually)

Learn how Fresno Community Regional Medical Center transformed pre-analytical processes through automation.

Case Study Lean Laboratory Chooses Power Express: Driving Peak Performance

Learn how Fresno Community Regional Medical Center transformed pre-analytical processes through automation.


Video The Solution for High-volume Clinical Chemistry Laboratories

Learn how the AU5800 series of clinical chemistry analyzers delivers improved workflow and reduces turnaround time to meet your high-volume clinical chemistry testing needs.

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Poster Development and Management of a New Core Lab Automation System

Discover S. Stefano Hospital's work in comparing the performance of Power Processor and Power Express automation systems and how automation enabled higher consolidation levels for tests, supported increased workload and drove an overall reduction in TAT. 


Reference Laboratory

Hospital ER improves waiting time making a young couple happy.

Case Study Hospital Reduces Patient Wait Times

Discover how one hospital improved laboratory order processing and reduced patient wait times using a Lean approach.

Driving True Standardization through a Successful Laboratory Partnership

Webinar Driving True Standardization through a Successful Laboratory Partnership

Listen to PCL Alverno president and CEO Sam Terese's presentation at the 2015 Automation Leadership Forum to learn how they drove true standardization.

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Case Study More Ways to Increase Effectiveness

Find out how one laboratory reduced sample processing times and increased laboratory effectiveness with the AutoMate 1250 system.


Other Clinical Diagnostics Laboratories

Video Metro Urology: Systems Provide Total Laboratory Solution

Find out how the AU480 chemistry analyzer and Access 2 Immunoassay System enable Metro Urology to support patient care with 24-hour TAT, more in-house test offerings and STAT results when needed.

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Video University of Kansas Hospital Case Study

"The biggest [benefit] we have seen by replacing our DxC analyzers with AU analyzers is that we have so much more throughput. We can put samples through and we're not getting the lineups waiting to get on the analyzer like we used to have. Everything gets done, which is awesome!"

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