Scalability, Reliability and Simplicity

Extend the services of your core laboratory with our range of immunoassay analyzers and comprehensive portfolio of assays. Whether you run dozens or thousands of tests per day, you can rely on the same innovation and quality in our immunoassay analyzers that you know and trust from the rest of our total laboratory solution portfolio.

  • Scale with consistency. All of our immunoassay systems feature standardized test menus, assay protocols, instrument processes and reference ranges. Together, these features minimize training requirements and streamline inventory management tasks for labor cost savings while providing consistent results across the healthcare delivery network
  • Count on high levels of reliability. Streamlined maintenance procedures, ready-to-use reagents and load-on-the-fly capabilities ensure maximum system availability, reducing emergency service calls and improving reliability
  • Simplify the complex. Intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use features empower virtually any technologist, regardless of experience or expertise, to run tests and maintenance 
  • Support improved patient care. Bring the latest medical advancements to your laboratory with the confidence that comes from trusted research and repeatable results

Immunoassay Analyzers for All Labs

Access 2 

Access 2 

Low Volume

Reliability matters. This benchtop immunoassay analyzer fits labs with space constraints and delivers fast, reliable results.

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  • <40,000
  • Up to 100 tests/hour
UniCel&nbsp;DxI 600

UniCel DxI 600

Mid Volume

Simplicity matters. This immunoassay analyzer gives technologists the benefit of ease of use without sacrificing throughput.

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  • 40,000 to 80,000
  • Up to 200 tests/hour
UniCel&nbsp;DxI 800

UniCel DxI 800

High Volume

Scalability matters. This immunoassay analyzer supports the expansion needs of your growing laboratory.

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  • >80,000
  • Up to 400 tests/hour
Access PCT reagent packs calibrators

Access PCT*

Empower fast, accurate clinical decision-making for patients with sepsis or suspected sepsis while simplifying your sample-processing flow and reducing the operational expenses associated with maintaining a separate, dedicated immunoassay workstation for PCT analysis.

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Access Reproductive Health 

Provide accurate, reliable results that guide patient care decisions for people with reproductive health concerns. Address questions with the most comprehensive reproductive health menu available.

  • Report results with confidence based on state-of-the-art sensitivity and broadest measuring ranges*
  • Support fertility assessment with Access AMH and hormone monitoring with Access Sensitive Estradiol
  • Take advantage of standardization and automation
hsTnI Assay
Access hsTnI

High sensitivity troponin assays detect circulating protein at lower levels and provide improved diagnostic clarity. These assays can accelerate decision-making and improve patient care. In addition, they should:

  • Meet IFCC guidelines for high sensitivity troponin testing1
  • Support current cardiac guidelines for patient management
  • Provide sex-specific thresholds that may generate more accurate diagnoses for women
Prostate Health Index (phi)

phi provides more confidence for patient care treatment decisions and reduces unnecessary biopsies. The phi test offers:

  • Improved PCa diagnosis through a powerful combination of PSA, fPSA and p2PSA
  • Increased confidence as the only multi-analyte PCa blood test with FDA approval
  • A comprehensive clinical picture: the phi score and results for PSA, free PSA and p2PSA
  • Confidence and transparency with a published, peer-reviewed test algorithm

Other Featured Assays

Access AMH

Helping fertility patients plan for the family they desire

The Access AMH assay will:

  • Deliver patient results quickly through fast, consistent automated testing
  • Present consistent and dependable results, as it is the only automated AMH immunoassay to use a recombinant human antigen
  • Reduce laboratory costs by 16% compared with typical manual tests for assessing ovarian reserve 

TSH (3rd IS)

Increasing clinical effectiveness

The TSH (3rd IS) provides:

  • Greater confidence in patient results through standardization to the WHO 3rd International Standard
  • Maximized laboratory workflow with a larger reagent pack size
  • Reliable and accurate results with increased sensitivity

Access 25(OH) Vitamin D

Providing laboratories with the tools needed to confidently diagnose vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency

The Access 25(OH) Vitamin D assay provides:

  • Traceability to the ID-LC-MS/MS Reference Measurement Procedure
  • Equimolar measurement of 25(OH) vitamin D2 and D3
  • Stability and reproducibility

*Not available in all countries. Please contact your local Beckman Coulter representative for more information.
CE marked. Pending 510(k) clearance by the U.S. FDA. Not yet available for in vitro diagnostic use in the U.S.
Based on Access Sensitive Estradiol assay specifications.
1"Clinical Applications of Cardiac Bio-markers." IFCC: International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, 26 July 2014, Accessed 25 Sept 2017.