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Immunoassay Analyzers

Immunoassay analyzers are used to identify and detect the concentration of specific substances in a sample, usually using an antibody as a reagent.
These devices can perform a variety of tests.

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Immunoassay Analyzers for All Labs*

Throughput Range

Access 2 Immunoassay Analyzer

Access 2 + Analyzer

Reliability matters. This benchtop immunoassay analyzer fits labs with space constraints and delivers fast, reliable results.

Low Volume
UniCel DxI 600 Immunoassay Analyzer

UniCel DxI 600 Analyzer

Simplicity matters. This immunoassay analyzer gives technologists the benefit of ease of use without sacrificing throughput.

Mid Volume
DxI 9000

DxI 9000 Analyzer

Your time matters. Create more of it to focus on what matters most. This immunoassay analyzer takes diagnostics to the next level.

Mid to High Volume

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