How to Create Your BeckmanCoulter Account

Account Benefits  

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Simplify the way you work. With your verified customer account, a suite of time-saving tools are just a few clicks away. Simply log in to:
  • Add multiple customer accounts
  • Review your full order history
  • Download the latest technical documents for your laboratory’s instrumentation
  • Update instrumentation with new software releases
  • View instrument warranties and service agreements
  • Choose from many convenient ordering options

    • Quick Orders
    • Scheduled Orders
    • Shopping lists

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  • Log into your profile
  • Order status and tracking
  • Invoices
  • Adding a new account
  • Shopping
  • Cart Checkout

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Registration Options

You'll need some account info to validate your Beckman Coulter customer account. Here's what you'll need.

Option 1: Verification with customer number (recommended)

Use your Beckman Coulter three-part account number to register.

 Beckman Coulter 3-part account

If you don’t have your three-part account number, you can use your customer number and one of the following:

  • Contract number
  • Invoice number
  • Purchase order number
  • Ship-to-site number
  • System ID
  • Sales order number

Option 2: Register without verification

This registration option will give you access to the eStore, but you will not have access to:

  • Full order history
  • Technical documents subscription
  • Instrument software downloads
  • Instrument warranty and service agreement information
  • Ordering options (Quick Orders, Scheduled Orders, Shopping Lists)

How to Register

Follow these easy steps to create your website account:

  1. Click Register at the top right corner of your screen
  2. Enter required user profile information, marked with a red asterisk (*), and click Next
  3. Verify your customer account using Option 1 (If you don't have this information, click Next to bypass these steps)
    • Enter customer account information
    • Enter customer security codes
    • Click Next
  4. Adjust shipping and billing address, if applicable, and click Next
  5. Select My Areas of Interest, accept the Terms of Use and click Submit

Verified Account Shopping Tools

After you verify your account during the registration process (i.e., through Option 1), you can immediately view:

 Verified Account
  • Account Details: View your 3-part account number, and you update your shipping and billing information
  • Add Accounts: : Add multiple customer accounts to your user profile and manage orders, shopping lists, scheduled orders, etc all from one place
  • My Technical Documents: Download and print technical documents, such as product line manuals, MSDS sheets, instrument IFUs and compliance documents
    • Subscribe to My Technical Documents under My Areas of Interest
    • Receive automatic notification when any changes are made to technical documents to which you subscribed
  • My Shopping Lists: Create lists of regularly purchased items for efficient reordering
  • My Scheduled Orders: Customize your shipping schedule and manage orders for future delivery dates
  • Warranties and service agreements: Access all your instrument warranties and service agreements, by location site
  • Software Downloads: Search for and download the latest software updates to support instrument performance
  • Service Requests: Create a service request for a specific instrument using its system ID number, as well as request a service agreement proposal for systems without coverage
  • Store Order and Invoice History: Click on the Store icon to check and track the status of any order, as well as view, download, and print any open or closed invoice

Additional features through the store link gives access to customer order and invoice history

Additional features through the store link gives access to customer order and invoice history