The future of laboratory services revealed at EuroMedLab 2017:  The Beckman Coulter Diagnostics Difference

Organization also premieres a suite of new products designed to improve operational efficiency and drive clinical excellence.

NYON, Switzerland—(June 12, 2017) — Today at the 22nd IFCC-EFLM European Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EuroMedLab 2017), Beckman Coulter premiers the Beckman Coulter Diagnostics Difference – a unique, integrated solution of tools, insights, management systems and process improvements to help modern healthcare enterprises of every size achieve laboratory excellence.

Central to the Beckman Coulter Diagnostics Difference is innovation, showcased at EuroMedLab (EML) in the launch of the new DxC 700 AU chemistry analyzer and the preview of DxONE Inventory Manager and DxONE Command Central. This new line of systems represents the organisation's most impressive technology to date, created to deliver maximum uptime and enhance laboratory performance.

In trials, the new DxC 700 AU chemistry analyzer has been shown to reduce the number of test-processing steps by 30%, significantly streamlining workflow for laboratory professionals and ultimately cutting the cost of ownership. The new system combines the simple, intuitive design of Beckman Coulter's original DxC analyzer with the robust throughput capabilities of its AU analyzer, to form one mid- to high-volume standardized platform. The advance in capabilities is the result of new operating software, an all-new design, and an intuitive user-interface, which allow operators to meet demands for larger test volumes, reduce daily start up tasks and make decisions with confidence.

Also launched at EML is Beckman Coulter's Procalcitonin (PCT) Chemistry Assay test - the first homogenous PCT assay for use on current Beckman Coulter AU model chemistry analyzers, designed to eliminate the need for costly dedicated instrumentation. Combined with the AU model chemistry analyzer, with its high performance, speed and accuracy, this offers a complete solution for healthcare providers to address the potentially life-threatening complications associated with untimely diagnosis and treatment of sepsis. The system is expected to improve both detection and management of bacterial infection.

The Beckman Coulter Diagnostics Difference means that, as well as having access to the latest, most innovative laboratory solutions, customers have access to exclusive consultancy and are offered total, tailored support from Beckman Coulter subject matter experts. Combined with the foundation of proven business systems, this 360° approach helps address the needs of any laboratory healthcare network.

Beckman Coulter's Fraser Donaldson, vice president of commercial operations in Europe, explained: "With over 100 billion diagnostics tests run each year – that's almost 14 tests for every person on earth1 – the modern laboratory is the foundation of patient care, and is under increasing economic pressure to deliver the right test at the right time. Clinical laboratories are looking for more than just instruments and assays to solve their problems, which is why we have worked closely with our customers to understand contemporary laboratory challenges and ensure that our new solutions stand up to their requirements."

"Through partnering with our customers and through the application of the Beckman Coulter Diagnostics Difference, we can deliver laboratory excellence. Not only will laboratories meet demand for larger test volumes with shorter turnaround times and standardized processes."

Rounding out the new solutions highlighted at EML 2017 is DxONE Beckman Coulter's portfolio of Clinical Information Management Tools and Applications. The DxONE complete portfolio of informatics solutions aid in the smooth running of any laboratory. The first two solutions that will be introduced is the be DxONE Inventory Manager, an automated order system for reagents and consumables and DxONE Command Central, which enables users to monitor multiple instruments in real time, all from a single workstation. These Clinical Information Management Tools alongside Beckman Coulter's automation solutions represents a powerful combination and scalable solution that delivers rapid, consistent results to help expedite patient diagnosis and transform laboratory efficiency.

All new solutions will be presented at EuroMedLab, June 11-15, Athens, following the Beckman Coulter Opening Ceremony.

About Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics helps healthcare and laboratory professionals provide better patient care by delivering the accurate diagnostic information they need, when they need it. For over 80 years, Beckman Coulter has been the partner of choice for healthcare organizations. Our scalable instruments, comprehensive diagnostic tests and business management services are trusted by hospitals, laboratories and other critical care settings around the world. We share in our customers' mission toward continuous improvement and quality patient care because we believe when efficiency and clinical outcomes are improved, patients benefit and we can move healthcare forward for every person.

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Notes to editors

About other products and services presented at EuroMedLab


Procalcitonin assay on Beckman Coulter AU analyzers

A high-quality, fully automated PCT assay for the detection and management of bacterial infections and sepsis on Beckman Coulter AU chemistry analyzers. Procalcitonin (PCT) is an important marker for the detection and management of bacterial infections and sepsis. Beckman Coulter's partnership with Diazyme Laboratories allows customers access to a high-quality, fully automated PCT assay. This PCT assay is available for use with Beckman Coulter AU analyzer series, models AU480, AU680 and AU5800.



Detect emerging resistance: 11 new Gram-negative and Gram-positive Microscan panels provide extended ranges of antibiotic concentrations to assist in detection of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). These new panels are automatically processed with the MicroScan WalkAway system technology and LabPro Information Management with the latest EUCAST and CLSI guidelines.



The iRICELL Urinalysis system provides fully automated urine chemistry and microscopy. The system delivers increased productivity and workflow advantages using the Iris technology. When combined with advanced IT systems, the iRICELL can help reduce unnecessary cultures.



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