Beckman Coulter Diagnostics Launches New Hematology Analyzer Software to Help Laboratories Deliver Quality Results with Greater Productivity

Software version 2 enhancements improve flagging and streamline the quality control processes

BREA, Calif. — (May 10,  2018) — Beckman Coulter Diagnostics announced today the global launch of next-generation software to support new and existing DxH 500 hematology analyzers. The version 2 software upgrade gives small-volume clinical laboratories access to a comprehensive suite of tools—including a proprietary dynamic-gating methodology for improved flagging and a sophisticated quality control (QC) menu. These enhancements are designed to help laboratories deliver the fast, accurate results that physicians and patients need with greater efficiency, and represent the company’s commitment to continuous innovation that promotes clinical excellence.

With the new software, laboratories can ensure more accurate differentials through Beckman Coulter’s proprietary dynamic-gating methodology. The technology—not available in any other small-volume, 5-part differential instrument—improves results flagging by adjusting the thresholds between cell cluster arrangements. This unique, multi-layered system of adjustable gates, enables the analyzer to better identify cell populations—particularly more challenging cell populations—giving laboratories confidence in the accuracy of results and reducing slide reviews that can interrupt workflow.

The upgrade further promotes operational effectiveness through a flexible QC menu that is designed to help laboratories more easily meet accreditation requirements. With the new software, laboratories can increase runs per file from 100 to 150, creating greater efficiency in the QC process and providing assurance of accurate system performance. The new software also gives laboratories outside the U.S. access to research-use-only (RUO) parameters. Other software improvements include a more streamlined setup menu, enhanced user-access features, and added backup and restore functions.

Beyond its upgraded clinical excellence, the compact DxH 500 helps laboratories manage resources. Its easy-to-use interface enables technologists to access any screen in three clicks or less, saving valuable time. The system requires only three reagents that can be replaced in five minutes or less. This is in contrast to competitive systems that use five or more reagents—many of which are organic solvents—requiring additional costly disposal fees.

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