Beckman Coulter Diagnostics Announces CE Mark of the DxH 520* Closed Tube, 5-part Differential Hematology Analyzer for Small-volume Labs


BREA, Calif. — (April 18, 2018) — Beckman Coulter Diagnostics announced achievement of CE Mark of its DxH 520 hematology analyzer, designed to help physician office laboratories deliver high-quality results with increased productivity and ease. With as little as two environmentally friendly reagents, the compact 5-part differential system enhances efficiency and resource management through a comprehensive feature set that automates daily tasks. This reduces the amount of time spent on laboratory operations and frees time for patient care.

The DxH 520 complements Beckman Coulter's wide-ranging product portfolio, delivering performance and functionality to meet the needs of clinical laboratories of all sizes—from low to ultra-high volume. The company used its time-proven flagship DxH 800 hematology solution as the predicate method for the DxH 520 system, establishing a strong correlation throughout the entire DxH line of hematology analyzers. This provides a high level of continuity of care for clinical laboratories, regardless of whether they are small- or high-volume facilities.

"The DxH 520 analyzer fills a need for a comprehensive solution that increases productivity while driving down costs for physician office laboratories," said Peter Soltani, senior vice president and general manager hematology and urinalysis, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics. "Laboratory technologists can have the utmost confidence with world-class reliability, knowing that the technology is backed by Beckman Coulter's long-term commitment to and partnership in advanced hematology innovation that meets the needs of patients, physicians and laboratories, alike."

Laboratories with low-volume workloads are under increased pressure to deliver high-quality patient care with greater operational efficiency. The DxH 520 analyzer strengthens clinical decision-making with its proprietary dynamic-gating method that improves sample flagging, and reduces slide reviews and technical interpretation, while maintaining effective clinical sensitivity. As an upgrade from a 3-part to a 5-part differential instrument, the DxH 520 analyzer gives the clinician more information by which to make decisions when assessing a patient. A robust IT and data-management package helps reduce clerical errors and inefficiencies, and allows for easy retrieval of up to 30,000 patient samples. The system's small 17 µL aspiration is ideal for puncture samples from infants, geriatric, oncology and critical care patients. Closed tube aspiration capability both simplifies analysis and ensures safety for laboratory technologists by eliminating sample exposure.

The DxH 520 system also helps laboratories manage resources. The easy-to-use interface enables technologists to access any screen in three clicks or less, saving valuable time. The system's two reagents and on-board cleaner can be replaced in five minutes or less, and its aqueous-based cyanide-, azide- and formaldehyde-free reagents eliminates disposal costs. This is in contrast to competitive systems that use five or more reagents-many of which are primarily composed of organic solvents that require additional costly disposal fees. The analyzer's low-energy requirements-half the power demand of other analyzers in its category-further lower operating costs. 

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*Disclaimer: The DxH 520 is CE marked. Pending clearance by the United States Food and Drug Administration; not yet available for in vitro diagnostic use in the U.S.

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