Beckman Coulter Sponsors Top-ranked Sepsis Clinical Guide App to Empower Clinicians Caring for Patients in Acute Settings


BREA, Calif. — (April 17, 2018) — Beckman Coulter, a global leader in the clinical diagnostics industry, today announced its exclusive sponsorship of the ESCAVO Sepsis Clinical Guide (Sepsis app), a point-of-care medical reference mobile application for healthcare professionals who manage septic patients in acute-care settings. Beckman Coulter's sponsorship of the Sepsis app ensures this important tool will remain free for all users and that content will continue to be maintained and updated using the latest clinical practice standards.

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that requires prompt recognition and treatment. Delayed treatment can rapidly cause cardiovascular collapse, tissue damage, organ failure and death. More than a million people are diagnosed with sepsis each year in the United States alone; the dangerous condition causes 250,000 deaths. Approximately 665,000 adults and 100,000 children visit the emergency department with sepsis-related symptoms. Patients presenting with sepsis can be in grave danger when encountering long emergency room wait times or a lack of effective or timely screening and triage protocols. Because Beckman Coulter is committed to advancing healthcare for every person, the company continues its journey in empowering healthcare professionals by evaluating a hematology sepsis marker that could be ordered routinely in the emergency department, where early treatment of sepsis can begin.*

"While great strides have been made in standardizing sepsis treatment in recent years, there is still considerable variability in the quality of care among hospitals," says Daniel Nichita, M.D., founder of ESCAVO and author of the Sepsis Clinical Guide mobile app. "One reason for this is the difficulty of diagnosing this complex disorder whose early symptoms are often very subtle and for which there is no definitive test, but also an uneven use of current clinical practice standards in sepsis care. ESCAVO developed the Sepsis app to put critical information on sepsis management-based on the most current clinical practice guidelines-in the hands of busy clinicians, who may not always have the time to familiarize themselves with current trends. Its content is delivered in a concise, actionable format to allow rapid but effective clinical decision-making at the point of care."

The Sepsis app can benefit all medical professionals; however, it is especially valuable for those working in the emergency room, where sepsis most commonly first presents.

"We are proud to sponsor the Sepsis Clinical Guide as part of our commitment to empowering healthcare professionals with tools and resources that enable them to detect sepsis as early as possible in the patient's pathway of care," said Peter Soltani, Ph.D., senior vice president and general manager of the hematology business at Beckman Coulter. "Awareness and access to up-to-date medical care information is an important and critical step in combating this devastating health condition."

Healthcare providers can download the Sepsis Clinical Guide app from Google Play for Android devices, or from the App Store for the iOS platform. To find the app, users can search "sepsis." The Sepsis Clinical Guide is recognizable by an orange-colored icon, and, as the top-ranked sepsis-related app, it appears first in the search results.

ESCAVO develops mobile applications and medical education content for medical professionals and the healthcare industry. Applications range from point-of-care medical reference guides to clinical decision support tools that facilitate the delivery of high-quality healthcare. ESCAVO products are designed to provide high-value content, be engaging and simple to use, and fully leverage the capabilities of modern mobile platforms.

Daniel Nichita, MD
President, ESCAVO

About the Sepsis Clinical Guide

The Sepsis Clinical Guide is a mobile application for iOS and Android platforms that contains information on the diagnosis and treatment of sepsis. It is intended for use by medical professionals. Its content is based on the latest clinical practice guidelines from leading organizations in the field, including the Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC), the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) and others.

Topics covered in the Sepsis app include:

  • The latest Sepsis-3 definitions and diagnostic criteria, and treatment recommendations from the 2016 SSC guidelines
  • Sepsis epidemiology, mortality, economic impact, risk factors and pathophysiology
  • Diagnostic information on common symptoms, labs, imaging tests and other procedures used in sepsis care
  • Management information, including sepsis treatment bundles, hemodynamic resuscitation, adjunctive therapy and mechanical ventilation
  • An empiric antibiotic therapy guide, with specific guidelines for the treatment of hospital- and ventilator-acquired pneumonia (HAP/VAP) and intra-abdominal infections
  • Pediatric and neonatal sepsis diagnosis and management
  • Important diagnostic and prognostic scores, such as SOFA, qSOFA, APACHE II, SAPS, MODS and others
  • A drug administration guide for antimicrobials, vasoactive agents, corticosteroids and diuretics

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*Pending clearance by the United States Food and Drug Administration; not yet available for in vitro diagnostic use in the US.

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