Hospital in South Korea improves workflow efficiency with DxC 700 AU

The Need for Improved Efficiency

The Soon Chung Hyang University Hospital in Gumi, South Korea hosts 300 beds and 26 medical departments, and serves 330,000 outpatients per year and 110,000 inpatients per year. Previously, the hospital was using two different chemistry platforms – the AU5832 with the Roche c501 as a backup — to run 200 HbA1c tests per day. However, workflow efficiency was not optimized.

The Solution

In order to improve workflow efficiency, the hospital needed to consolidate the chemistry platforms. Soon Chung Hyang University Hospital decided to migrate HbA1c testing onto the DxC 700 AU, which also served as a backup for the AU5832. The hospital then monitored the performance of the AU HbA1c Advanced and compared it to the Tina-quant® HbA1c.Overall simplification of workflow and reagent management was the goal.

Quantifiable Results

The hospital found the following results:

  • Excellent correlation of the new HbA1c Advanced Assay with the previous method
  • Improved laboratory workflow by consolidating the two systems into one
  • Simplified management of reagent items from six to two
  • Improved uptime due to reduced maintenance compared to what was required on the previous platform




Disclaimer: This trend is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to promote any Beckman Coulter product or service.