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Advancing Quantitative Measures of Monocyte Response to Infection from Academic Pursuit to Clinical Practice: The Time Is Now

Program Overview

Monocytes in Health and Disease
Speaker: Magdalena Czader, M.D., Ph.D.

Monocyte Distribution Width: New Applications as an Early Sepsis Indicator
Speaker: Jailan Osman, M.D.

Emerging Uses: Monocyte Anisocytosis in Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome
in Children and Recovery after Major Burn Injuries 
Speaker: Daniel Irimia, M.D., Ph.D.

Panel Q&A
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AACC's all Virtual Event

Goal: To provide a foundation of physiology and current research on monocyte biology and discuss the clinical evidence that is leading to new applications. There is also a need to understand emerging applications and broader use in emergency departments. Throughout the program, there is an underlying need to emphasize the role of laboratorians in communicating and educating clinician counterparts.

Abstract: Monocytes are the key component of the innate immune response to infection, exhibiting complex, time-dependent differentiating behavior. Monocytes Distribution Width (MDW), quantitative measure of variability in monocyte morphology, has recently received regulatory clearance for diagnosis of adult sepsis in Emergency Department and has been studied in other patient types, including those emerging in current COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the session is to connect current understanding of monocyte hematopathology with current evidence and practical aspects of use in the clinical practice across patient presentations.



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