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With seventy percent of all medical decisions beginning with a diagnostic test, diagnostic excellence must remain at the forefront of healthcare, and the need for innovative solutions to help save lives has never been more evident. Through our ever-evolving pursuit of innovation, we create solutions that improve workflow and positively impact patient care so you can focus on what drives you.

At Beckman Coulter, we drive innovation for the future. Our mission is to Relentlessly Reimagine Healthcare, One Diagnosis at a Time.

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Innovation that Reimagines Healthcare

We hope you had the time to visit with us at AACC in Chicago. Our visitors explored how to bring the latest medical advancements to their laboratories with solutions that streamline workflows, enhanced productivity. They even discovered how they could bring automation to their lab, regardless of size. Our visitors discovered how they could: 

  • Detect sepsis earlier with clinical evidence and practical implications of Monocyte Distribution Width (MDW)
  • Impact treatment decisions with accurate detection through panels, systems and analyzers
  • Provide the right patient insights at the right time with a clinically impactful menu that addresses prevalent and expensive health risks

If you did not have the opportunity to participate in one of our booth or Innovation Suite tours, or want more information, let us know.

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Integrated Systems Wins IMV ServiceTrakTM Award for Best Service

We are happy to announce that our Integrated Systems was recognized by IMV for Best Service on July 27 at AACC. IMV, part of Science and Medicine Group, annually produces a series of proprietary ServiceTrak™ Clinical Laboratory reports that are compiled from phone and online interviews with laboratory testing professionals in hospitals in the U.S.

These reports are an independent analysis of service trends in laboratory diagnostics and include manufacturer ratings for each instrument type. Laboratory professionals are asked to rate their level of satisfaction with the instrument manufacturers, the system performance, and the service received for their laboratory testing instruments.

The Best of Service award is given to the manufacturer whose customers give the highest %HS responses when asked to rate overall OEM service performance. Probing on the customer experience from installation to instrument end of life, IMV ServiceTrak™ has been an industry benchmarking standard for over 25 years.

Supporting Patient Sepsis Journeys from the Lab

Each year, up to 49 million people are affected by sepsis worldwide.1 Behind every diagnosis is a patient and physician in need of answers, which is why Beckman Coulter is committed to replacing the burden of wait and worry with the ability to know and act.

Watch Dr. Tobin Efferen and Hunter Bowen’s presentation on sepsis diagnosis and management highlighting the use of standardized laboratory and clinical operations in the context of one patient’s journey from initial assessment in the Emergency Department through treatment in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to eventual discharge.

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Request more information to learn about our total laboratory solution in patient care for Sepsis diagnostic solution here.

The New Standard In Hematology: Full-Field Cell Morphology 

With the increasing worldwide prevalence of hematological disorders and malignancies, the importance of early diagnosis and effective treatment initiation is more important than ever.1 Digitalization of hematology slides is transitioning cell morphology analysis and changing how scientists work both inside and outside the lab.

Watch the recording from AACC 2022 to see Jaimie Mattson, Senior Director Global Product Marketing from Beckman Coulter and Erez Naaman Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer from Scopio Labs share the latest partnership to advance hematology diagnostics worldwide through Scopio’s digital imaging platforms and the Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear™ (FF-PBS) application. Learn how this partnership will accelerate adoption of hematology digital cell morphology, about the innovative FF-PBS morphology solution that eliminates the need to go back to the manual microscope for additional review and enables lab professionals the ability to analyze the sample from anywhere through the secure hospital network regardless of location, bringing the remote-work revolution to hematology.

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Learn more about Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear™ Application here
Read latest press release on Beckman Coulter and Scopio Labs partnership here

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If you missed out on our booth or Innovation Suite tours while at AACC or want to ask a question, let us know.

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