Scopio Labs X100 & X100HT

Full-Field Digital Cell Morphology

The Scopio X100 and X100HT are the only digital cell morphology platforms with the FDA-cleared and CE-marked Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear™ Application and AI-based Decision Support System. This revolutionary technology lets hematology labs zoom, pan and share high-resolution, digitized samples without having to go back to the manual microscope, reducing turnaround time for sample reviews by 60%.1

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The Future of Digital Cell Morphology is Now 100X Closer

Imaging tens of thousands of cells at a time, Scopio is transforming the way you see and diagnose hematological disorders. Detect, pre-classify, and quantify cells for enhanced workflow efficiency to improve patient access to life-saving treatments.

The Rise of Full-Field Cell Morphology™ and the All-Digital Workflow

On Nov. 15th, 2022, 12:00 p.m. CST, Drs. Pozdnyakova and Katz will present results from a multi-institutional FDA clinical trial, including representative full-field blood smear scans, simulating comprehensive morphological analysis of real-life blood smears and share experiences using this innovative technology.

AI-based Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear™ Application


Fields of view for tens of thousands of cells


Reduction in lab review turnaround time 1


Oil immersion resolution

See the scan in full context or zoom in on the smallest details all at an unprecedented resolution of 100X.

Workflow Efficiency

With its demonstrated reduction in review time1, AI-driven WBC pre-classification, platelet pre-estimation, and the seamless sharing of results, Scopio is enhancing and improving diagnostic clinical workflows for lab professionals.


Full-Field Digital Imaging

Zoom to simultaneously see the big picture and the tiniest details. Lab review can sign off on a case confidently without reverting to manual microscopy.

Full-Field Digital Imaging

Remote Connectivity

Collaborate and consult through tele-hematology. Sample review is possible from any location over the secure hospital network, enabling real-time remote collaboration and consultation.


DxH 900 hematology analzyer

DxH 900

Gain confidence in RBC, PLT and WBC differentials through near native-state cellular characterization.

High Volume
 DxH 900 Automated hematology connected system

DxH 900 Workcell

Streamline processes with this scalable, customizable hematology workcell solution.

Ultra High Volume
DxH Slidemaker Stainer

DxH Slidemaker Stainer II

Better results start with better slide making. The SMS II prepares high quality slides to ramp up productivity and quality.

High Volume
DxH 690T hematology analyzer

DxH 690T

A smaller footprint to empower clinical decision making and streamline hematology laboratory workflow.

Mid Volume

1 Katz, B. et al. (2021). Evaluation of Scopio Labs X100 Full Field PBS: The first high‐resolution full field viewing of peripheral blood specimens combined with artificial intelligence‐based morphological analysis. International Journal of Laboratory Hematology, 43(6), 1408–1416.