A (Practical) Case for Laboratory Automation

A (Practical) Case for Laboratory Automation

Laboratories are living through unprecedented times with a sharp increase in testing and further compression and fatigue in a workforce that had significant shortages pre-pandemic. Large labs have the benefit of total lab automation to help meet these difficult needs. Now there’s a solution to help medium sized labs reap the productivity and efficiency benefits. Walk through a practical example with Indiana University Health’s Clark Day, Vice President System Laboratory Services.
  • What is the “next normal” for laboratories?
  • Automation is key and now mid and small labs have access to solutions that meet their unique needs.
  • Walk through a practical case of justification, including financial, automation in a medium sized lab

Clark Day

Vice President, Indiana University Health System Laboratory Services

Clark is responsible for the operations and administration of Indiana University Health’s Pathology Laboratory Services which includes 16 laboratories, 40+ outpatient service centers and extensive outreach services. Prior to this role, Clark applied his breadth of experience in sales, marketing, strategy and business analytics in senior leadership roles at IU Health and other prominent healthcare organizations. He is passionate about learning, developing creative solutions, empowering his team and enhancing the customer experience. Clark earned a BS degree in Applied Statistics from Purdue University and a MBA from Butler University


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