Hematology and Sepsis Webinars

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Monocyte Response to Infection for Early Sepsis Recognition in the Emergency Department

Emergency department physician sepsis

Advancing Quantitative Measures of Monocyte Response to Infection

Sepsis in the emergency department

MDW: Early Identification of Sepsis in the Emergency Department

Sepsis Alliance Webinar

Nursing Perspective on Novel Sepsis Biomarker

Clinical Utility of a Novel Sepsis Biomarker

Monocyte Distributions Width (MDW) Sepsis Biomarker Clinician Training

Sepsis marker

Monocytes Distribution Width (MDW) New Sepsis Detection Biomarker

Asan Medical Center

Clinical Evaluation of Monocyte Distribution Width (MDW) at ASAN Medical Center

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

MDW Biomarker Study Findings at Lin-Kou Medical Center

Physician with patient

Clinical and Laboratory Medicine Collaboration Can Improve Patient Outcomes

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Monocytes in Sepsis

The Science Behind Early Sepsis Indicator: Why Do Monocytes Matter?

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Bacteria floating in red cells in the bloodstream

Sepsis Overview: Challenges and Solutions for Laboratories

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Doctor patient in ED

Early Sepsis Identification in the Emergency Department

Innovations in Multvariate Hematology Analysis

Innovations in Multivariate Hematology Analysis

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Sepsis marker in emergency department

Infection and sepsis diagnostic challenges for the laboratories and clinicians

Using Hematology Assays to Assess Sepsis Risk

Using Hematology Assays to Assess Sepsis Risk

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Innovations in Multvariate Hematology Analysis

Hematocrit and Hemoglobin: Independent Parameters Reduce Spurious Results

Innovations in Multvariate Hematology Analysis

Improve Lymphocytosis Management for Hematopathology Patients

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Improve your Electronic Interlaboratory Quality Assurance Program (eIQAP)

Improve Your Electronic Interlaboratory Quality Assurance Program (eIQAP) Portal

Lean High-volume hematology solutions

Lean High-volume Hematology Solutions

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