The Prostate Health Index: phi - Clarity in Prostate Biopsy Decision

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Evidence has shown that PSA testing is non-specific to prostate cancer and could lead to over diagnosis and overtreatment. Moreover, it could be limiting in making informed decisions on when to biopsy – especially in situations with non-suspicious DRE findings and total PSA in the 4–10 ng/ml range.

Since PSA was first introduced in the early 1990s, there has been new biomarkers to screen and manage patients with prostate problems.

This talk will explore challenges with PSA testing and the need for smarter testing to avoid over diagnosis and overtreatment which ultimately help in making an impact to the overall healthcare system.


  • How a novel biomarker p2PSA helps increase the specificity for prostate cancer
  • Clinical utility of Prostate Health Index (phi)
  • Real world evidence on how phi plays a significant role in in biopsy decisions




Director, Medical & Scientific Affairs, Beckman Coulter

Prior to joining Beckman Coulter, Dr. Ness served as Navy physician and provided leadership skills & physician experience to Fortune500 companies along with managing his own start-up. He completed Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) at University of New England and a Pediatric Internship at Balboa Naval Hospital. His work is aimed at ensuring patients, receive the highest quality laboratory testing available by working closely with physicians and providers.


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