AutoMate 2500 Family Sample Processing Systems

High-impact pre-and post-analytical laboratory automation

When you need to improve efficiency, turn to the AutoMate 2500 family of sample processing systems. The AutoMate 2500 family features Intelligent Sample Banking (ISB) software to deliver an automation system that fits your laboratory’s unique needs. The AutoMate family of sample processing systems allows you to streamline pre- and post-analytical processes to help you gain optimal performance and use of resources, eliminating steps between sample receipt and analysis. ISB enhances your automated solution by enabling you to build and manage a sample bank with maximum efficiency and security and increased control over sample traceability.

This product may not be available in your country or region at this time. Please contact your Beckman Coulter sales representative or distributor for more information.
Overview of the Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Hospital

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When you need to improve lab efficiency, turn to the AutoMate 2500 Family for an automation system that fits your lab’s unique requirements.

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Thanks to the ISB software, we have started to build our sample bank very quickly on the AutoMate 2500 family system in our laboratory without any worries. We have put the sample bank as a major component of peri-analytics on AutoMate, which has enabled us to optimize workflow and ensure this mandatory task is completed.

The system provided by Beckman Coulter is not operator-dependent. Risks associated with aliquoting and patient demographics are eliminated because the processing and data transfer is fully automated.
Jean-François Gayrel & Eric Viala
Biologist and Laboratory Manager & Manager of Hub Laboratory
Interlab 81 – Val de Caussels, Albi (Tarn – France)
*Optional feature (only available for AutoMate 1250 and AutoMate 2550).