PK7400 Automated Microplate System

Unmatched throughput. Simple to use. Reliable results.

The PK7400 Automated Microplate System delivers the industry’s highest throughput and improves workflow efficiency through fully automated, batch-test functionality. The next evolution in PK innovation, the PK7400 donor testing analyzer, enables you to optimize testing using proven agglutination technology and a comprehensive blood-typing menu. Streamlined maintenance, state-of-the-art software and uptime-enhancing PROService maximize productivity — strengthening confidence in operational performance and results reporting.

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The PK7400 automated blood banking analyzer delivers unmatched throughput
  • Analyze up to 300 samples per hour for rapid processing of large sample volumes
  • Test multiple assays per batch
Simple to use donor testing analysis
  • Reduce training time and optimize operator time with user-friendly software, featuring customizable menus and color-coded icons
  • Reduce operator hands-on time by removing quarterly and annual maintenance
  • Gain efficiency by improving visibility into reagent use and accessibility to online maintenance through an enhanced graphical user interface
  • Save time and streamline workflow using a programmable, fully automated startup mode
  • Store and search test results easily with onboard data management capabilities
  • Enhance uptime with PROService remote service application
The PK 7400 donor testing analyzer delivers peace of mind
  • Strengthen confidence in results with time-proven agglutination technology
  • Simplify operation using one manual barcode scanner with multipurpose use
  • Readily available status light indicator allows operator to view status from a distance
  • Optimize plate and data review with side-by-side viewing of microplate well images and channel results
  • Enhance online review of images with next-generation camera technology

System Accessories and Expendable Parts

Parts System Accessories and Expendable Parts

Beckman Coulter supports you with a full complement of accessories and expendable parts for the PK7400 System. Beckman Coulter offers training to end users on proper use and replacement of all accessories and expendable parts. The replacement of consumable parts can be monitored in an online menu located on the PK7400. This menu can serve as a tool for establishing a time line for purchasing consumable parts.

PK7400 TP HA reagent for use on the Beckman Coulter PK7400 Automated Microplate System blood group test instrument

Reagents PK7400 TP HA Reagent and Controls

The PK7400 TP HA reagent is intended for the qualitative screening of blood and plasma donors for the detection of Treponema pallidum IgG and IgM antibodies to syphilis in human serum, EDTA plasma or CPDA plasma using the PK7400 System. This assay is not intended for diagnostic use. The ready-to-use reagents are uniform, stable and easy to handle, which reduces preparation error and labor needed to perform the assay.

  • Standardized operating parameters with:
    • Barcoded vials
    • Ready-to-use reagent and diluent
    • Color-coded control caps and labels
    • Ready-to-use controls
  • Large lot size minimizes hands-on receipt testing process
  • Storage space reduced with kit size of 3,600 tests/kit

PK7400 TP HA product: sample type, age and storage conditions

Sample Type Sample Expiration Storage Condition
 7-day sample age
 7-day Sample age

Full automation advantages with the PK7400 Automated Microplate System

  • Up to 300 samples/hour
  • Simultaneous testing with ABO/Rh/CMV* or dedicated syphilis batches

PK7400 TP HA control set

Conveniently packaged with:

  • Eight ready-to-use reactive/nonreactive controls 
  • Color-coded, barcode labels
  • 5 mL/vial

PK7400 TP HA reagent ordering information

Product  Part Number
PK7400 TP HA Reagent 
3 x 45 mL
PK7400 TP HA Controls
Reactive: 8 x 5 mL
Nonreactive: 8 x 5 mL

PK® CMV-PA Systems & Controls

Reagents PK CMV-PA System Reagent and Controls*

The PK CMV-PA System is a passive particle agglutination assay intended for the qualitative detection of IgG and IgM antibodies to cytomegalovirus (CMV) in human plasma and serum from blood donors using Beckman Coulter PK Systems. This test is not intended for diagnostic use. The PK CMV-PA System has been developed to provide an indirect particle agglutination CMV assay using uniform reagents, which are stable and easy to handle.

  • Standardized operating parameters
    • Barcode labels provided in each kit for standardized labeling
    • Dedicated sample diluent provided in test kit
    • Ready-to-use controls
    • Color-coded control caps and labels
  • Large lot size minimizes hands-on receipt testing process
  • Storage space reduced with kit size of 2,500 tests/kit

Sample type, age and storage conditions

Sample Sample Expiration Storage Condition
EDTA 5-day sample age 2-8°C
Serum 14-day sample age 2-8°C

Full automation advantages

  • Up to 300 samples/hour with continuous sample loading
  • Simultaneous testing of ABO/Rh, syphilis and/or CMV

PK CMV-PA System Control Set

  • Eight ready-to-use reactive/nonreactive controls
  • Color-coded and barcode labeled
  • 4 mL each

PK CMV-PA System reagent ordering information

Product P/N Kit
PK CMV-PA System PA2300 10 x 6 mL
PK CMV-PA System Controls PA2302 Reactive 6 x 4 mL
Nonreactive 6 x 4 mL

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*Pending clearance by the United States Food and Drug Administration; not yet available for in vitro diagnostic use in the U.S. For Investigational Use Only. The performance characteristics of this product have not been established

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