AU5800 Series Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

The fastest full-menu clinical chemistry analyzers

Give your high- and ultra high-volume core laboratory a performance boost. Clinical chemistry analyzers in the AU5800 series are the fastest in the industry, processing up to 2,000 tests per hour with a full menu of assays, including Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) and Drugs of Abuse. Increase lab productivity with continuous operation, powerful throughput and scalable capacity up to four modules.   

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Journal Article Multicenter Evaluation of Analytical Performance of the AU5822 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Examine the evidence showing consistent performance, linearity and correlation of the AU5822 analyzer across three independent institutions.

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Video The Solution for High-volume Clinical Chemistry Laboratories

Learn how the AU5800 series of clinical chemistry analyzers delivers improved workflow and reduces turnaround time to meet your high-volume clinical chemistry testing needs.

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Continuous operation with minimal downtime and easy maintenance
  • Complete replacement of sample and reagent probes, mixer bars, ISE and syringes in no more than three steps, no longer than 60 seconds
  • Perform routine maintenance easily, minimizing startup time
Scalable capacity with a simplified and efficient workflow
  • Increase testing capacity as needed with the modular design of the AU5800 
  • Connect up to four analytical modules depending on your volume requirements
  • Simplify technologists' tasks with intuitive and easy-to-perform daily management procedures
Powerful throughput with reduced analytical turnaround time
  • Maximize throughput with an intelligent sample management system that optimizes the processing of racks based on the tests ordered
  • Ensure quick turnaround time for those critical patients with STAT priority testing and auto-repeat of abnormal results
  • Configure your total laboratory solution with options to integrate AU5800 with pre-analytical automation, immunoassay and clinical IT

Comparison of AU5800 Series Analyzers



  • Hospital or reference laboratories (1.0M to 2.5M tests/year)
  • 54
  • Up to 2,000 tests/hour
  • Up to 3,800 tests/hour
  • 57
  • 400 samples (2x20 rack set)



  • Hospital or reference laboratories (2.5M to 4.0M tests/year)
  • 108
  • Up to 4,000 tests/hour
  • Up to 5,800 tests/hour
  • 111
  • 400 samples (2x20 rack set)



  • Hospital or reference laboratories (4.0M to 6.5M tests/year)
  • 162
  • Up to 6,000 tests/hour
  • Up to 7,800 tests/hour
  • 120
  • 400 samples (2x20 rack set)



  • Reference laboratories (>6.5M tests/year)
  • 216
  • Up to 8,000 tests/hour
  • Up to 9,800 tests/hour
  • 120
  • 400 samples (2x20 rack set)


Video University of Kansas Hospital Case Study

"The biggest [benefit] we have seen by replacing our DxC analyzers with AU analyzers is that we have so much more throughput. We can put samples through and we're not getting the lineups waiting to get on the analyzer like we used to have. Everything gets done, which is awesome!"

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AU 5800

Webinar A Close Look at How the AU5800 Enhanced a Nationally Ranked Hospital Laboratory

See how a high-volume core laboratory leveraged the speed and accuracy of the AU5800 to increase productivity and improve TAT.

Presenter: Steven H. Wong, Ph.D., DABCC(TC), FACB, Professor Pathology, Director Clinical Chemistry & Toxicology, Co-Director Clinical and Trans Mass Spec. Center, Wake Forest School of Medicine
Recorded: November 17, 2015
Duration: 61 minutes

Please note, P.A.C.E. credit is no longer available for this webinar.

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