DxONE Insights Analytics Application

Uncover inefficiencies and reduce waste through informed decision-making and data-driven quality control

Your clinical lab instrumentation offers a wealth of data that can help streamline operations. But without the proper analysis, its usefulness is limited. DxONE Insights Analytics is cloud-based software that provides actionable insights using aggregated data from connected instrumentation . Identify patterns in clinical laboratory operations and reduce inefficiencies. All that’s needed is an Internet connection.

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Help improve costs, efficiency and QC management through informed decision-making

Graphically displayed DxONE PROService data helps to drive informed decisions and strategy

  • Visualize instrumentation- and test-utilization by site
  • Align staffing to workload trends
  • Enable menu consolidation and expansion

Simple Setup

The software is simple to set up, manage and coordinate, eliminating the need for involvement of your IT resources

  • Rapid setup and deployment
  • No LIS integration required

Improved Quality Control Management

DxONE Insights help achieve standardization and improved quality control management:

  • Overlay QC and calibration data for every connected instrument across your network
  • Enterprise view of QC enables quick identification of outliers, reducing troubleshooting times
  • Appropriately balance workloads across instrumentation and sites


Uniquely LIS-independent, with a fast and easy go-live:

  • Invisible—no additional hardware required
  • Simple—no hospital or IT resources required
  • Remote—no on-site installation required; activation occurs via phone /email
  • Seamless—no disruption to operations at go-live
  • Less expensive—no LIS-integration costs
  • More convenient—no LIS data pulls

Discover insights and see how simple it is to get connected with DxONE Insights–the next-generation clinical laboratory analytics portal.

Cloud-based application

No hardware or IT support needed

Actionable insights
Quick access to instrument data blended with service records

Standardized performance
Data from DxONE Insights can help improve workflow efficiency and quality control management

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Poster ISLH: Quality Control for Integrated Hematology

Check out how DxONE Insights delivers the ability to access quality control data and related instrument data from across a multi-instrument network from a single dashboard, increasing efficiency, maximizing uptime and aiding in the assurance of reporting quality results.


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