Coulter AcT 5diff CP (Cap Pierce) Hematology Analyzer

Excellent accuracy with increased safety

The AcT 5diff CP (Cap Pierce) hematology analyzer allows quick and direct access to a closed sample tube—a feature that reduces manual sample handling, saves time and enhances safety by eliminating operators’ exposure to biohazards.

Product may not available in your country at this time. Please contact your local Beckman Coulter sales representative or distributor for assistance.

Upgrade to the Small and Mighty DxH 500 Series

Experience the benefits of a 5-part differential

The DxH 500 Series hematology analyzer is the ideal upgrade for Ac∙T series analyzer users, delivering high-quality clinical results, while improving productivity and lowering operating costs. The DxH 500 Series features a small footprint, uses only three reagents and requires a 17 µL aspiration (12 μL for DxH 500) ― ideal for pediatric and difficult draws.

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