DxH 500 Hematology Analyzer   

Efficiency, accuracy and ease of use

Benefit from accurate and comprehensive analysis in your low-volume lab setting. The DxH 500 hematology analyzer can help you improve clinical decision-making and efficiency. Built on proven cellular analysis technology, the DxH 500 provides precise platelet counts and accurate first-pass results. This means you can reduce costly test reruns and time-consuming manual reviews. The system’s intuitive interface also makes it easier to learn and operate, freeing your staff to focus on patient care. 

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Video Making Accuracy Easy

With 98.5% uptime, small sample volume requirements, intuitive software and low reagent consumption, the small-footprint DxH 500 simplifies workflow for physician office and low-volume laboratories.

Spend time with your patients, not your analyzer 

  • Maximize uptime with built-in reliability, automatic start-up, efficient reagent usage and easy reagent replacement
  • Free up time to focus on higher value activities with the ability to change all three reagents in less than five minutes 
  • Use 50% less reagent, consume reagents half as fast, and take less time changing and restocking reagents with the analyzer’s efficient approach 

Leverage single-sample precision 

  • Obtain accurate results with samples as small as 12 μL of blood  
  • Save time by repeating testing on the same sample without another draw

Improve laboratory efficiency 

  • Enable fast analysis with the analyzer’s unique fluidic design  
  • Conserve valuable bench space with the DxH 500 analyzer’s small footprint and integrated computer  
  • Reduce operational complexity with the simplified user interface, which enables any command to be performed in three touches or less  
  • Advance your efforts to go paperless with the analyzer’s bi-directional LIS Interface 

Reduce operating costs  

  • Reduce disposal costs with cyanide-, azide- and formaldehyde-free reagents  
  • Lower electricity bills with the DxH 500’s efficient power handling  

Mode of Operation

Open vial sampling


60 samples per hour

Menu/Test Parameters

MO#, NE%, NE#, EO%, EO#, BA%, BA#

Sample Volume

  • 12 µL of venous or micro-collected whole blood
  • 20 µL of whole blood for pre-dilute analysis

User Interface

  • Touch screen
  • Handheld barcode reader

Power Requirements

  • 100 – 240 VAC
  • 50/60 Hz
  • Single phase with ground

Power Consumption

Less than 120W

Noise Specifications

 Less than 80 dBa

Atmospheric Pressure

700 – 1,060 mbar

Operational Ambient Temperature

18 – 32°C (64.4 – 89.6°F)


80% relative humidity (non-condensing) at 32° C (89.6° F)


Up to 3,000 meters (9,842.5 feet)


  • DxH 500 Lyse          500 mL
  • DxH 500 Cleaner     500 mL
  • DxH 500 Diluent      10 L 

External Storage – USB

USB 2.0 compatible


Supports Serial (RS-232) and Ethernet communication


Optional USB PCL 6-compatible printer

Data Storage

  • 30,000 patient results including graphics, flags, codes, and messages
  • 12 control files, each with a maximum of 100 runs

Languages (coming soon)

Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese,
Slovak, Spanish

Weight and Dimensions

  • Depth: 430 mm (17 in.) 
  • Width: 270 mm (11 in.) 
  • Height: 406 mm (16 in.) 
  • Weight: 11.4 kg (25.1 lbs) 

Casebook Technology and Case Studies

The DxH 500 offers high-quality results comparable to high-volume instruments. Explore cell analysis case studies on how dynamic gating works for improved performance.