ESCAVO Clinical App for Sepsis

The top-ranked mobile app for clinical information on sepsis detection

Sepsis is a global healthcare crisis, affecting more than 30 million people worldwide every year1 and increasing at a rate of 1.5% annually.2 This serious condition affects not just patients and their loved ones, but the healthcare system at large.3

The ESCAVO Sepsis Clinical Guide app is the top-ranked mobile app on sepsis care and is regularly used by thousands of acute and critical-care clinicians. With up-to-date clinical information regarding sepsis detection and patient management available in an instant, the app is used worldwide as a treatment reference.

Evidence-based resources for the Emergency Department (ED)

With comprehensive information on the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of adult and pediatric sepsis, the app’s features include:
  • Clinical-decision support tools
  • An antibiotic and critical-care drug guide
  • Contextual information such as instructions, footnotes and citations 
  • Reference-material bookmarking and annotation
  • More than a dozen critical-care and sepsis-related medical calculators for risk assessment 
  • An in-app news feed updated with relevant articles and developments in sepsis treatment

A free solution for clinicians

In matters of life and death, such as sepsis management, time and access to information are paramount. The ESCAVO clinical app was designed to expedite identification by EDs and laboratories by helping them:
  • Access authoritative sources in the field of sepsis in busy acute- and critical-care settings 
  • Discover valuable learning points distilled from a large body of medical literature in a concise, easy-to-use format
  • Reference evidence-based resources from authoritative sources
To ensure that the ESCAVO app remains funded and free to use, we are a proud sponsor of this valuable resource.4

Download the ESCAVO app

Available at your fingertips and maintained daily, the ESCAVO app may be downloaded for use on either the Android or iOS platform through iTunes or GooglePlay

Learn more about the app by visiting the ESCAVO website.  
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The Early Sepsis Indicator alerts clinicians to sepsis or the risk of developing sepsis in their patients in the emergency department (ED). This unique hematology-based solution uses near native-state cellular characterization and detects changes in monocyte morphology to give early, rapid insight without added workflow burden.

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