IMMAGE® 800 Protein Chemistry Analyzer

Fast, cost-effective solution for disease testing to support diagnosis and monitoring

The IMMAGE 800 protein chemistry analyzer delivers innovative Dual Detection Rate Nephelometric Technology and a broad test menu including enhanced User Defined Reagent (UDR) capability. Its enhanced software allows for USB data storage and USB printer compatibility.

Simplified UDR capability
  • Plot UDR data curves
  • Use existing buffers and diluents for UDRs
  • Perform single-point calibration updates
  • Enter reagent-specific information
  • Utilize within-lot calibration
  • Flag antigen excess
Enhanced productivity
  • Sample loading while the analyzer is running delivers speed and convenience
  • Dynamic blanking methodology minimizes the chances of interferences from non-specific reactions
  • Integrated antigen excess solution eliminates the need to prepare antigen excess solution
  • Barcoded, liquid, ready-to-use reagents maximize efficiency
  • Single-point calibration verification provides labor and time savings
Innovative technology
  • Rate Nephelometry delivers timely, accurate analysis of specific proteins
  • Rate Inhibition Nephelometry detects the presence and level of therapeutic drugs
  • Rate NIPIA (Near Infrared Particle Immunoassay) increases analytical sensitivity and expands the IMMAGE analyzer's test menu to include high-sensitivity assays
Additional benefits
  • Peak Rate Nephelometry provides consistent and reliable protein testing results
  • True antigen excess capabilities and single-point calibration saves valuable preparation time
  • Reliable instrument performance with limited service requirements means greater uptime
  • Broad test menu with liquid, ready-to-use reagents, coupled with the ease of including additional UDRs, helps you keep up with the latest in clinical applications