AUTION ELEVEN AE-4022 Semi-automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer

High productivity and proven technology for your urinalysis laboratory needs 

The AUTION ELEVEN AE-4022 semi-automated urine chemistry analyzer is ideal as a standalone analyzer in mid- to high-volume laboratories. The high throughput meets workload demands, while the compact footprint saves benchtop space. It's also a reliable backup solution for fully automated urine analyzers. 

Beckman Coulter distributes Arkray products only in the U.S.

This product may not be available in your country or region at this time. Please contact your Beckman Coulter sales representative or distributor for more information.

High-quality results

  • Standardized test strip technology between the AUTION ELEVEN AE-4022 and the AUTION MAX AX-4030 ensures consistency
  • Standardized reporting reduces subjectivity and eliminates tech-to-tech variability
  • Analyzer provides clinically significant reporting ranges for urine chemistry
  • Automatic color tone identification and abnormal color detection notifies users of potential false-positive reactions

Compact size

  • Space-saving design makes it the smallest semi-automated urine chemistry analyzer on the market
  • Small footprint maximizes laboratory space and allows for easy transport

Easy to use

  • Strips can be continuously placed, minimizing workflow interruptions
  • Strips can be easily placed with right or left hand 
  • Analyzer automatically corrects misaligned strips to ensure proper placement

Improved QC

  • QC lockout capability ensures compliance
  • Software can be configured to automatically prompt users to perform QC testing, prevent testing if QC is not performed and restrict analyzer use with operator ID lockout
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