AUTION MAX™ AX-4030 Fully Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer

Proven and reliable automated urine chemistry to meet lab quality and efficiency goals

Increase urinalysis workflow efficiency with the AUTION MAX AX-4030, a fully automated urine chemistry analyzer. Easy to use and maintain, the AUTION MAX AX-4030 generates accurate and reliable urine chemistry results without interruption—offering high throughput of up to 225 samples per hour and continuous loading of up to 100 samples.

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Optimized workflow

  • Uninterrupted operation means operators can simply load the rack, press "Start" and walk away
  • Increased walk-away capabilities allow flexible loading of up to 400 strips, combined with high-capacity throughput of up to 225 tests per hour
  • Continuous loading of 100 samples and STAT features support laboratory efficiency goals 

High-quality results

  • AUTION dry pad urine test strips feature high sensitivity and specificity for accurate results and increased confidence
  • Color compensation pad improves accuracy for urine chemistry
  • Abnormal color detection notifies user of potential false positive reactions for urine chemistry

Ease of use

  • Easy-to-load strips require no calibration
  • User-friendly interface, along with easy-to-load test strips that do not require calibration, result in rapid operator proficiency
  • Minimal maintenance—less than five minutes per day—minimizes downtime
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