Education & Training

Elevate staff expertise to meet your future growth goals.

Our portfolio of customizable Education & Training options provide staff with the development solutions to meet your labs' journey.

Education & Training options can be added to any service agreement or purchased individually. Click the "Request a Quote" button for a consultation and more.

A Portfolio of Customizable Options
Basic and Advanced, On-site and E-learning training options.
Customized training provided in blended, virtual, on-site, and immersive environment formats.
Solutions to Meet Your Lab's Journey
Interactive content to optimize staff development through coaching, triaging, and mentoring services.
Implementation support before, during, and /or after new instrument installation.
Elevate Staff Expertise and Comfort
Personalized options to address your unique needs at your desired pace for your specific instrumentation.
Ongoing applications support options for whenever you need it.

When turnaround time is negatively affected, it isn’t just a lab problem. It’s also a problem with significant consequences for patients, clinicians and the hospital.