Infectious Disease Diagnostics for Labs of All Sizes

Elevate your efficiency and confidence with high sensitivity and specificity

What are Infectious Diseases?

They are illnesses caused by pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) that can spread from person to person1—and their global impacts are in the millions. For example:
Hepatitis A,B, or C
Million People

Were diagnosed with or live with hepatitis A, B, or C infection globally.2,3

Million People

Have become infected with HIV since the start of the epidemic.4

Million People

Between 15 and 49 years old acquired syphilis in 2020.5

Introducing the Beckman Coulter Line of
Infectious Disease Assays

We are proud to introduce a new line of infectious disease assays—developed by our global team of experts and
available on the DxI 9000 Access Immunoassay Analyzer. What makes us exceptional:

Assays that matter. An analyzer that delivers. We’ve designed next level enhancements into the DxI 9000 Access Immunoassay Analyzer to help you
make the most of our assays—and create time to focus on what matters most.

Exceptional Performance for Actionable Decisions

Led by a global team of experts with decades of experience, we meet or exceed the highest quality and compliance standards.

Efficient Operations that Boost Productivity

Ready-to-use reagents help streamline operations, and more tests per pack for high-volume assays contribute to additional workflow efficiencies.



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