Healthcare Middleware Drives Lab Efficiency


Clinical laboratories play a critical role in patient care. As such, laboratories are increasing test volumes and processing more data than ever before. Laboratories often use IT solutions like laboratory information systems to store and track patient data related to a lab visit. They may also use a laboratory information management system that is dedicated to sample management and associated data. However, managing laboratory information management software and hardware on premises can be resource-intensive.

Laboratories can now experience the benefits of healthcare middleware with Cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based healthcare middleware offers greater accessibility, lower storage requirements and improved security while still delivering the vital information needed to support patient care decisions. Institutions like Jefferson Hospital are using Cloud-based IT solutions like DxONE Workflow Manager to drive operational improvements. For example, Jefferson Hospital was able to reduce average test turnaround time by 9 minutes, a 27% improvement in efficiency.

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Article Emerging IT Solutions: Middleware and Cloud-based Systems Drive Efficiency in the Clinical Laboratory

Laboratory decision makers want solutions that address the challenges they are facing: rising costs, increasing staff efficiency, lack of IT and laboratory infrastructure and managing data integrity and security. Cloud-based middleware solutions can help laboratories reduce turnaround time, address resource constraints, streamline workflows, and ensure precise results for optimal patient care.

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DxONE Workflow Manager Cloud Middleware Application

DxONE Workflow Manager is a cloud-based middleware application for clinical laboratories. These laboratories can now gain access to a middleware solution that drives efficiencies through resource optimization, improved accessibility and increased standardization. This enables laboratories to focus on decreasing turnaround time and managing critical results by removing non-value adding tasks through automated workflows and integrated QC.

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