See the DxU Iris Automated Urinalysis Solution at AACC 2021

Laboratories need reliable solutions that minimize manual review and standardize high-throughput processes. The DxU Iris Workcell fully automated urinalysis solution streamlines workflow using industry-leading technology to reduce manual review to 4%*. The analyzers' load-and-go walkaway capability and Edit-Free Release technology minimizes interruptions and operator intervention. Newly enhanced intuitive software user interface elevates operator experience, and access to innovative software solutions enables remote service monitoring for improved laboratory system uptime.

Watch Matt Rhyner, VP and GM of Beckman Coulter urinalysis, as he introduced the DxU Iris at AACC 2021

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Announcer 00:42 Now with you, Matt Rhyner, VP and General Manager of the Urinalysis business unit for Beckman Coulter.
Matt Rhyner 00:50 Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Thank you to those of you joining us here in Atlanta, and those of you joining us online from around the world. Today's diagnostic laboratories are facing unprecedented challenges. Increased sample volumes, a demand for shorter turnaround times and a shortage of trained laboratory personnel are putting immense pressure on laboratory operations. Labs need reliable solutions that minimize interventions, increase uptime, and provide the ideal turnaround time for reporting clinical results.
Matt Rhyner 01:25 So today Beckman Coulter would like to ask what if you could minimize the interruptions in your urinalysis workflow? It's very exciting for us as we're introducing the DxU Iris Workcell, which includes the DxU Microscopy Series analyzers, as well as the ARKRAY AUTION MAX AX-4030™ urine chemistry analyzer. And together, these systems deliver industry-leading technology and a 4%* manual review rate using our Edit-Free Release Technology. They also minimize the interruptions with world-class leading reliability and uptime, and elevate the operator experience with enhanced instrument features, one of which is our IQ clear, an enhanced cleaning aspiration module. These systems also improve laboratory system uptime by offering for the first-time access to Beckman Coulter's powerful suite of software solutions.
Matt Rhyner 02:21 The DxU Iris series is the latest in the line of urine microscopy analyzers that started with the IQ system back in 2003. These systems are still the market leader in the United States, and it's because of their powerful underlying technology. Let's take a look at that now. The DxU Microscopy Series uses Digital Flow Morphology as well as Auto-Particle Recognition Software to isolate, classify, and characterize particles on screen to virtually eliminate the need for manual review.
Matt Rhyner 02:55 The APR Software uses size, shape, texture, and contrast to classify urine sediments in 12 main categories, as well as sub-classify in 27 other categories for clinical reporting. The DxU Microscopy Series will come in two options. The DxU 840m Iris, which has a sample throughput of 70 samples per hour, as well as the DxU 850m Iris, which has a sample throughput of 101 samples per hour for higher volume workflows. In the United States, the DxU Iris will be offered alongside the ARKRAY AUTION MAX AX-4030 urine chemistry analyzer, which delivers reliable and robust urine chemistry results. And then next month for international markets, we'll be releasing the DxU 810c Iris urine chemistry analyzer for pairing with the DxU Microscopy Series outside the United States. Now we've talked a lot about the software enhancements in the DxU series. So, I've invited Madhuri La Barrie, our software team lead from our Miami research facility, to give you an overview of what's going on in the DxU Iris.
Madhuri La Barrie 04:03 My name is Madhuri La Barrie and I lead the team of software engineers here at Beckman Coulter urine analysis business unit. I'm very pleased to show you all the things that we've been working on for the DxU Iris. Let's start with the user interface. We have updated the look and functionality of the user interface to align with other Beckman products. This allows techs who use our hematology immunoassay or chemistry instruments to be able to navigate more comfortably and with less training. Let's move on to the utility panel. As you can see, it has multiple tabs. The first tab is the IFUs or instructions for use, which now comes standard on the DxU Iris. This allows operators to access and search for information or instructions right on the instrument screen. Another option in the utility panel is your reader tab. This reader tab allows you to open any PDF files stored on the instrument. Already loaded on the instrument will be tools such as the image encyclopedia, memory joggers and maintenance charts.
Madhuri La Barrie 05:12 DxU Iris will have a number of onboard videos that are going to help with instrument maintenance, troubleshooting, and general usage. An additional new feature we are excited about is zooming. In addition to providing clearer images on our high-definition monitors, you will now also be able to zoom into images for further analysis. Let me show you how this works. Go into your work list or found list, open up one of the images. If you want to look at this image a little closer, right click and hit zoom, and you can zoom in and out as you need to 4x or 8x.
Madhuri La Barrie 05:54 So let's say this particle is of interest to you. We have already zoomed into the particle, now you can capture the image and save it onto your notepad for future reference. You can go into the notepad area, paste this image, create your own note and say this is an image of interest. Then save this notepad in the user drive. Let's look at the final new feature, which is our onboard maintenance logs. With DxU, you no longer need to maintain paper records of your instrument maintenance. This can now be done electronically. I hope you've enjoyed this quick tour of our DxU Iris. We have made many enhancements to elevate your operator experience, and we look forward to your partnership.
Matt Rhyner 06:38 Thanks Madhuri. As we mentioned, now labs have the option to use Beckman Coulter's advanced suite of software solutions to optimize across networks. The first option is our PROService, which is our remote monitoring system that gives labs proactive alerts of maintenance that needs to be done to avoid a service visit by an engineer that could interrupt workflow. The next option is our DxONE Command Central for large volume laboratories that might have multiple DxU Iris Workcells. This allows a single operator to operate multiple work cells from a workstation. And finally, we have our REMISOL Advance offering that allows labs and hospitals to standardize across networks and within the hospital to ensure that all the middleware rules are correct.
Matt Rhyner 07:29 Finally, we're excited about launching our load unload station, which allows a technician to drop off 190 samples at a time and then walk away to attend to other important tasks in the laboratory. And of course the DxU Iris Workcell is the only urinalysis solution that is FDA-cleared with body fluid linearity down to zero. And finally, before we go today, I'd like to share some feedback from our early adopter program. This is Jennifer Soria, who works at a large medical group in Florida.
Matt Rhyner 08:03 She said she loves the fact that the DxU makes the workflow better, is easier to use with minimal maintenance. She thinks that it'll make her med techs operate more efficiently. She loved the onscreen user guides and reference material that's right there where the operator's working on the screen. And of course, the load unload station. This is just one example of many different customer feedback that we've gotten throughout the process. And we're quite proud of our early adopter program and all the feedback that we've been able to incorporate into this new platform. So that's it.
Thank you very much. If you have questions and you're here in Atlanta, please reach out to one of our booth staff. If you're online, please go to BeckmanCoulter.com/DxUIris. Thanks and have a great day.

*Broadlawns Medical Center. (2019). Manual microscopy divided by on-screen microscopic verification report generated December 20, 2019. Case study published by Beckman Coulter. https://media.beckmancoulter.com/-/media/diagnostics/products/urinalysis/docs/ua-broadlawns-case-study.pdf